Hot Patterns 1170: Blouse Back T


IMG_3681One of my favorite pattern companies, HotPatterns came out with a new offering earlier this summer.  I was intrigued to read reviews, where folks were combining different types of fabric.

Different types as in wovens and knits in the same top.  This sparked my interest.

The result is the wearable muslin at left.  The front and neck band are from a knit, the back is from a lovely floaty “wonder” fabric.  Wonder, as in, “I wonder why I bought this?”

Even if you’re not a fan of the high / low hemline that’s featured, I sIMG_3682uggest you give this one a go.  The sewing is simple and straight-forward, the fit is relaxed, the style unusual enough to garner comments.

After taking a few measurements, I traced a straight 12, with a forward shoulder alteration (darned computers!).  Then I checked the length.  Wasn’t sure about that (it felt really long in the pattern paper stage) but decided to try it anyway.

As it turned out, the length was just perfect for this type of “lighter than air” top.  The back has enough width so that it doesn’t get hung up on one’s patootie, and the knit front provides shaping, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a tent.  At one yard for the knit, and another yard for the woven, it’s also a great stash buster.








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