IMG_3839Who would have believed this was lurking under the Hot Mess?  Well, most of it anyway; the crocheted rope, the focal, and all the beads were there, just waiting, waiting, waiting.

IMG_3840It took a while for the focal to speak to me.  At first, it seemed too bright a yellow for what was in my mind’s eye.  I tried to dye it a darker shade, but that didn’t work.  It is resin, so unlike the bone focals I’ve used in the past, it didn’t take the stain from coffee or tea.  Or anything else I tried.  Bright yellow it is!

Incorporating silver lined brown and topaz beads in the surrounding embroidery took things down a notch.  Not nearly so glaring, methinks.  I picked up the yellow again on the outside using some opaque crystals.  Hmmm, isn’t that a bit of a oxymoron?  Opaque Crystal.  Hey, you know what I mean!

IMG_3841Originally I’d planned to do a round focal, but while stitching a different geometry came to mind.  I was tired of round.  Tired of going around in circles too, but that’s a post for another time.  As Prince Charming pointed out, this looks like a rotor from a Wankel engine.  A Wankel Focal.  I like.

The necklace is a two for one as well.  Instead of permanently attaching the focal, I decided to make it removable.  Again, a bit of noodling for the noggin.  How best to do that, and still have the focal’s back look clean and finished?

The necklace would still need a claps.  Maybe two clasps.  This is what finally transpired.  You can unhook the sunflower and just wear the rope by itself.  Or not.

Choices!  Lots of choices!  That’s what Soraya is all about.


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