IMG_3878Rings of Saturn

This necklace reminds me of the Rings of Saturn, halos spinning around a central core.

In fact, it was an experiment with some of the new bead shapes:  o-beads and round duos.  Round Duos are basically round beads with two parallel holes through them.  The o-beads look like tiny glass washers.

IMG_3883The stringing pattern took a while to get used to.  First you go round one way, then you go ’round another, then you move on to the next unit.  Every time I picked this piece up, I had to stop and think what direction I was going.  Sometimes the thought process did not cooperate.

There are four distinct colors which harmonize pretty well, I think.  An iridescent purple, teal seeds, purple crystal and an olive green.

Since I was going off-pattern, the necklace also had a stitching vacation as I waited for more o-beads to arrive.  And as these things usually go, the original supplier was out of stock, and I had to track down another one.  Thank goodness there is consistency among these beads!  One can expect the colors to match if they have the same number.


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