Railroad Spikes


IMG_3927I have no idea why, but this piece reminds me of working on the railroad.  There is nothing locomotive about it, it just does.

Large hammers pounding in spikes to hold track.  Sparks flying.  Chain tied to who-knows-what, hauling things to and fro.  Heck, I haven’t even watched “Hell on Wheels” so don’t even have images from that rattling around the back of my brain.

Anyway.  Railroad Spikes.

The spikes are a Jet / Vitrail colorway, and the color is not necessarily aligned with the bead hole.  Nor did I try to make a “right” side to the necklace.  I just picked up the beads onto the needle.  Happenstance is going on.

The crystals are a very pretty black diamond aurora borealis.  They are slightly smaller than the ones used in Coppernicus.

I didn’t have as many spikes either, so this necklace is a bit shorter.

Another successful foray into doing something completely different.


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