Kwik Sew: 3658


IMG_3942I have a purchased top similar to this which I like very much.  It has sort of a shawl collar and a center front seam.  The front on the purchased top is doubled fabric, so in essence it is self-facing / self-lining.

K3658This pattern is a very nice duplicate of that shirt.  Not exactly the same, but close enough.  The fabric is another from the ongoing stash-buster exercise, long aged in the fabric bins.

This being Kwik Sew, the pattern paper is thick, and I usually trace off my size onto tissue.  I was amazed – no fitting changes needed at all.  A medium fit right out of the envelope.  The only thing I did was to stitch the center front seam a bit higher.  I’m past the age where showing cleavage is de rigeur.

If anyone else is interested, the pattern is still in print as well.

Happy Dance!


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