Room for Growth?


fabrilancheThe 11th Annual Camp Sew ‘n’ Sew starts next week.  Better known as Sewing Camp.  I am going this year, and can’t wait!

I’ve spent the previous weekends pulling out patterns and fabric, in the throes of decision making: What to Make?  What to Make?  I think I may have finally rounded up enough projects to keep the fingers busy and the mind occupied.  If not, some uncut, but earmarked fabric is coming with me, just in case.

I have also been berating myself – Do Not Fall Victim to those sale notices from and Emma One Sock and Fabric Mart.  They are Evil.  I must be strong.  Use what I have.

Then, I stumbled on this image…from La Sewista, and realized that I do Not Yet suffer from an overabundance of fabric.  Nope.  My fabric stash is still fitting into bins and tubs, and is nowhere near becoming a fabrilanche.

Perhaps, just perhaps I need to look at this differently.  Perhaps I need to think of the stash not in terms of overt consumerism but as a fabric IRA, a little something put away for the future.  There is a bit of spare gelt in the coffers.  Is there a luscious lovely calling my name?

Just a yard.  Or two.  Or three.


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