Sewing Camp


IMG_3953Starts Today

This year I am participating, driving from home up to the civilized wilds of Lake Tahoe for four FOUR FOUR glorious days of sewing bliss. Can you tell I’m excited?

This year I’ll be attending a new venue.  We’ll be staying in a formal “Conference Center” rather than a historic hospital in Virginia City.  (The Viginia City locale has become a formal Artists Retreat, and groups like us no longer fit their business model).  So, unlike previous years, there are no ghosts that I know of.

While there may (or may not) be ghosts, I am assured there is plentiful natural light.  Tables to set things up on.  Views of Lake Tahoe.  Food to keep us going.

The necklaces above my contribution to the Sewing Camp Goody Bags.  The images are all vintage sewing motifs, captured under glass cabs.  Well, maybe not captured so much as printed and glued down tight.   Simple and appropriate.

The only gotcha I’ve been told about is that sewing with one’s wine glass next to the sewing machine is, apparently, frowned on.

I have a lidded mug.  It is opaque.


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  1. I hope you got lots done, had a grand time and wine only on or in the places that count. I am so glad you got away and with special sewing friends for 4 days. They are the best-est and you are too.

    The charm necklaces are beautiful. The vintage sewing motifs are perfect. I bet they were greatly loved, admired and graciously accepted.

    Love ya, Leslie

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