Plain & Simple – Revisited


IMG_4008First up from Sewing Camp is a revisit to the Hotpatterns Plain & Simple T-shirt pattern.

They have since re-issued it, but I have the original.  I started off by comparing the pattern I had traced many years back with the hard paper, then comparing that with the new found knowledge of possibly needing an FBA.

All these measurements required re-tracing the front patterns.  Patterns?  Yes, there are three different front styles:  v-neck, round-neck and boat neck.  They all attach to the same back.

The arm scrunchies (as I tended to call the mis-fitting wrinkles) were the result of orignally cutting down the armscye.  Retracing fixed this.  I did a small FBA as well.  Is that an oxymoron?  A small FBA?

The top above is the fitting muslin, made from a light weight ponte.  Probably from one of the Fabric Mart sales.  All these changes ended up in a much more comfortable top.  I am very pleased.


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