Style Arc: Lotti


IMG_4007Just as I was starting to think about what to make for sewing camp, Style Arc had a sale on their on-line patterns.

These are PDF downloads from their Etsy store.  I admit to being an old-school sewist, and don’t much care for the PDFs.  All that taping and matching before you even get to fitting and sewing?  Just not the way I roll.

But…  Lotti caught my eye.  I liked the color blocking, as well as the fact that it took so little fabric.  Hmmm, maybe those leftover favorites I’ve been hanging onto could still be used?

I checked their measurements against my own, then printed off only the size I needed (the download comes as a sizing 3-pack).  Rummaged around in the knit bit auditioning fabrics, until I came up with this combo.  The print is the very last bit.  I think there may be a 2 inch strip left over.  And if you’re wondering, yes, I still kept it.  It could be binding!

The solid colors are from stash.  I keep a variety of solids around “just in case”.  You never know when you’ll need a pop of color.

I didn’t have enough of the print to attempt matching the stripes (throw caution to the winds!).  The sewing was straight forward.  The fit is great.  A scrappy stylish summer top!


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