IMG_4070I suppose it took them a while to decide if they wanted to stay where they were.  No doubt because I moved these irises twice before they found their permanent homes amidst the rocks.

The view from my office.  It certainly brightens things up when I’ve had a tough day.

Yellow, white, blue-purple, red-purple and butterscotch.  Last year I only had 2 purple blooms.  Do you think those were the advance scouts, checking to see if the coast was clear?  I am so glad that this year, everyone decided to join the display.

Alas, the heat has arrived, and the blooms are now gone.  Summer is here!

Thankfully, even when the temperature is high, it drops after dark and we are able to open the windows to cool the house down.  Doing this means the air conditioning only comes on in the afternoon and evening.


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