Worse for Wear

IMG_4024These poor cushions have seen a bit of wear, don’t you think?

This is the most recent project I’ve taken on – reupholstering these for a client-friend.  It took a while to acquire fabric, coordinate schedules and do a  hand-off of new fabric and old cushions.  I suggested meeting after dark, under a street lamp, on a bridge, wearing trenchcoats.  There would be a secret handshake…

Instead we met at a good point half-way between our houses where there was a Starbucks.  Starbucks turned out to be a better idea, as it was pouring rain that day.

Initially there was much measuring, and re-measuring, following that old adage: “Measure Thrice, Cut Once”.  A good mantra when working on a project for someone else.  I tried to salvage the existing zippers, but the zipper tape was having none of that!  New zips (brass) had to be ordered.

Once the zippers arrived the cutting table was cleared for action!

Measurements were laid out on the new fabric.  This-a-way?  That-a-way?  Which -a-way made the best use of materials?  The new fabric was a chic, classy beige, so there were no worries about matching patterns.  No piping around the edges either.

Then it was time to cut and sew.  Sewing order was zippers first, since they were the most complicated part.  Then fitting the tops and bottoms to the sides.  Once I figured out the sewing sequence, things went together quite smoothly.  There was even fabric left over for throw pillows!

Oh, and once the measuring was done, the old cushions lived in the garage, as Max would not leave them alone.  He even tried to drag one into another room so he could nap on it.  A whole cushion!


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