Ghoul’s Delight

IMG_4064Heh!  Not all cabochons and paper collages turn into pins, y’know.

These Day of the Dead faces became earings!  They are somewhat on the large side, being about 1 1/4 inches at their longest.  Not too big.  Not too small.  Definitely visible!

The images are accented with glitter.  The bezel is teensy tiny copper 15°s surrouned with hot melon seeds, accented with red aurora borealis crystals.  The backs are covered with faux leather.

I like that the images face each other.  That way, when worn, the skull will be looking the same direction, regardless of which side (left or right) you see them from.  Having a directional design duplicated, but not mirror imaged for the opposite side drives me crazy!  Lack of attention to detail like that, when it’s so simple to do…  Harrumph!

These will be a nice addition to the upcoming Day of the Dead Festivities!


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