Tangled T


IMG_4181Grandmeow (also known as Mom) was greatly taken with my Tangles Tennies.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find a pair for her which she says fit comfortably.

So, instead of tennies, I made her a Tangled T.

The actual tangling was great fun, but boy, oh boy, the freezer paper (which is ironed on the back for stability) and I had quite a few choice words.

I could NOT get it to stick.  There must be some secret I am unaware of, or perhaps it was an old roll and had lost it’s stick-um.IMG_4182  Repeated ironing finally did the trick, but not without fear of burning the cotton T-shirt.

Some of the tangles are official (fescu) some I suppose you could say are made up, or I don’t remember their names.  Take your pick!  Either way, I think they turned out well.

Of course, one must be as fashionable going as coming, so I added smaller flowers to the back.

Grandmeow is very happy…but she still wants my tennies.


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