Rouge Royale


IMG_4172So, after the Tour of Renaissance Italy I still had crescent beads left over.  Not enough for rosettes or anything large scale.

I hate when that happens!  Leaves me with little bits and pieces of things scattered all about.  So, I started noodling around.

You know noodling.  When your mind wanders while your hands are busy, and the two reconnect at a later time.

Anyway, noodling around with needle and thread created these lovely beaded beads out of the crescent remnants.

They remind me of melons, so I made the lot with teensy tiny 15° orange seeds between the slices.  Large deep red crystals are combined with bright gold spacers, as well as smaller pink crystals.IMG_4173

I wasn’t sure about the pink (not my color, as you well know), but it works.  The whole necklace has a red/gold cast to it, which seems very rich.  Rich in a Downton Abbey / Manor House way.  Velvet and candle light, with a comfy chair in front of the fireplace.  Perhaps a glass of port.


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