Tangled Jammies


img_4206Not to be confused with tangoing in your jammies.  Which I am sure would be a wonderful way to start the day.

A drifting bunch of ginko leaves on a T-shirt, with a pair of lounging pants to go with.

Each leaf has a different tangle in it, with shading and a background color of bright teal.  Different sizes too, but you can see that.

So, what makes these jammies?  Once I finished the tangles, I realized the T-shirt was too thin, well, too thin for me to be wearing in public.  And I needed jammies.

The bottoms are morphed from Jalie 926, a very old pattern long out of print.  The fabric a nice ponte knit, which hasn’t yet (keep your fingers crossed) pilled in the wash!

As we start to transition to cooler weather, these should see a lot of wear.  In fact, I’m wearing them now.  What’s that?  Doesn’t everyone blog in their jammies?


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