Dark Star


img_4288An imploding star set to create a new universe

Or something like that…  Perhaps I’ve been reading too many articles on astronomy and physics, or watching too much Nova.  Either way, this bracelet reminds me of the cosmos – dark, swirling, menacing and beautiful at the same time.

It was also a pleasant treat to finally use some of the long magatamas I picked up several years ago.  The beads themselves are lovely, but using them in a piece requires thought and concentration.  Unlike most beads, they are unidirectional along both the horizonal and vertical axis.

That means you have to be sure to string them all the same direction, then once strung, be sure that the thread path goes the same direction within the overall piece.  Let’s just say, it took a while (a Long While) to arrive at that realization.

The rest of the bracelet has lovely matte black centers (the Dark Star) as well as iridescent blue seed beads.  An enameled lobster clasp closes the circle.


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