Mojo, Mojo


fruityWherefore art thou, Mojo?

My creative mojo seems to have left on an extended vacation.  I am sure she’s hightailed it out of town, headed for warmer climes.  No doubt, sitting on a sandy beach somewhere, sipping fruity drinks.

Not that I care to follow suit.  We’ve had some truly gorgeous snowfalls the past couple days.

However, it would be very nice if she were to return, so I could get started on some of these projects running through my head.  Are you listening, Ms. Mojo?


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  1. Mojo may be on vacation, but I’ve found that pulling out a sketch pad or surrounding myself in a heap of beads and gemstones usually fixes this problem. Happy New Year!

  2. Sorry, Ms T but I do so love those drinks and my tan is not yet quite deep enough. I’ll be back soon though, I promise. Honest!

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