Style Arc: Autumn

I wanted to try out this pattern the instant Style Arc released it.  But the thought of paying shipping from Australia to the US for one pattern caused the financially responsible me to call a halt to such notions.

Patience paid off, as it was eventually available on Amazon US, and on sale.  <Insert pat on back>.

The fabric is a lovely cotton seersucker that was a gift from dear friend Earin.  I’ve quite a few things made from it.  Washes and wears well.

Typical of Style Arc, the instructions are minimal.  A couple of line drawings to show where the pleats are supposed to go and you’re on your own.

It’s a simple pattern, though not for the raw beginner.

Changes were to double up on the back  yoke, and relocate the pockets.  I love pockets, but these must have been designed with a Glamazon in mind, as they were a good 2 inches lower than my hands.  I have long arms too!

So, the pockets were raised.

I cut two of the yoke, knowing full well that would make hemming the edge of the armhole a bit complicated.  The yoke was sewn so that the seams were all inside, with an armhole seam allowance turned under on both the yoke and body pieces.

Umm, I’m not saying that very clearly, but there you go.

I put snips into the seam allowance to mark how the back pleat was to be sewn, but when it came time to actually line them up, they made no sense to me.  I winged it, making sure there was the same length of non-pleased fabric at each end.  That is one deep pleat, so I don’t think exactness is a concern.

It’s a cool and comfy pattern.  Not so loose that one feels enveloped in fabric, not so snug that you can’t have fries with lunch.


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