These are the adventures of the Thunderpaws Tribe and their humans.  Relax, sit back, and take a trip with us, as we explore the wonderful world of creativity, with a touch of silliness for good measure.

There are fabric imaginations of the wearable sort,  as well as beaded creations.  We will have musings, ruminations and general glimpses of whatever passes through our furry minds, or otherwise attracts our attention.


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  1. Oh, what fun! Gee, I somehow thought you were located in Florida! Don’t remember why, tho. My uncle used to be a principal in the Wyatt Earp Museum in Tuscon and I loved my one visit to the city, one late fall after enough rain to turn the desert into a garden with everything in bloom

    • Yes, the desert is truly wonderful after rain. One of the things that makes summer here bearable – watching the lightening storms move across the valley, and smelling the creosote after the rain hits the desert.

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