La Vie

V is for…Vitality  Victory  Vivaciousness

Wonder what vixen would wear this V?  I’m sure she’s out there, causing a ruckus and raising a fuss.  After all, that’s what Vixens do.

A foray into right angle weave.  With seed beads.  Which took a very, very, very long time to complete!  The Vs are quite architectural and sturdy.  Almost stiff, which is what they’re supposed to be. Right angle weave is not a fluid stitch; it creates structure.  Those sections are joined with crystals.

What the close up reveals is that there is more color to this piece than what the eye first sees.  In between the dark broody iris beads is a wealth of bright metallic seeds.

The remaining necklace is strung druks, because the human body is not angular.  Necklaces should lie against the neck, not poking out in odd angles.



Every so often life gets out of balance and we feel like we’re rolling downhill at a furious pace.

One has lost the fulcrum – the element that plays an essential role in situations, activities, events.  That special something that keeps life balanced.

This brooch is my attempt to capture that feeling.  The cabochon is Apache Gold.  The face carved bone (not ivory) surrounded by a halo of bugle beads.  While this is a departure from my usual bright colors, I find the piece rather haunting.

That face stays with you – perhaps a talisman that all will soon be right.

Hot Patterns: Tailored T

This time sewn with some of the alterations I needed from the original.   Center front and back pieces have 1″ take out.  I think I need to reduce the side panel a bit as well.

The print is the last of the brushed knit from Out of my MindDesigns. There was nary a strip left.

While there is no actual brown in the print, the side panels meld harmoniously into the color palette.

Simple sewing, all on the serger, with the cover stitch to hem.

Smoke and Ash

Sifting through the detritus of a fire. Smoke and ash still swirling in the air.  Looking for the remains of what once was.  Memories.  Mementos.

Inspired by images of the Camp Fire.  Dedicated to it’s survivors.

I want to say the cabochon is snowflake agate, but it’s not.  It’s some other amalgam – obsidian and something, I think.

Accent beads are 15° triangles and antique French nickel charlottes.


Doesn’t this horse look like it’s won the Triple Crown?  I think so.  In record time too!

A lovely ecru and tan cameo brooch embellished with all manner of seed beads.

The teeny tiny gold beads are 24kt charlottes, acquired ages ago from I don’t know where.  Not even sure I could find them again if I wanted to.

Maybe she’ll try a run at Ascot next year?


Vogue 8597: The Last … for now

I think this will be the last of the Vogue cowl necks for a while.  I have 3 new ones in winter rotation, and I must admit they are coming in quite handy.  The temps here in Sierraville are in the 20s and 30s, which means combining this top with a cardigan goes a long way to keeping yours truly toasty.

I did a neckline lining again using the lime green knit.  It adds a nice pop of color, and picks up the green in the print. The fabric is a brushed knit, from Out of my MindDesigns which is a new independent fabric store in town.  They’re a little difficult to find (industrial business park setting) but the big yellow FABRIC sign gives them away.  Worth checking out.

South Beach Sunrise

Once the neon has been turned off, and the sun has just started to rise above the ocean, could this be what South Beach would look like?

All the colored buildings glowing in the pale light, waiting to awake to the hustle and bustle.  A small moment of reflection; gathering of energy before the start of day.

This brooch is another collaboration with silk painter Louise Noel.I love how the colors of the silk compliment the silver beads.

What’s difficult to see in this photo is that there’s a large clear matte donut bead that the silk is pulled through, then it’s scattered around the rest of the brooch.

Small square silver beads, as well as peach and lavender seeds complete the piece.