Queen Bee

Ready to fly off and start her own colony, a new Queen Bee.  Do you think she’ll be successful?  Are there flowers nearby to feed the hive?  She’s sure to pick a good spot.

This brooch is a study in greys, with a bright spot of yellow from the bumblebee jasper.  Colorfully lively without being riotous.

Carved and stained bone face, bumblebee jasper from Mount Papandayan in Indonesia, matte grey rondelles, hematite and seed beads.

She’s ready to buzz!


New Bed

The pup is growing by leaps and bounds.  So much that she’s gotten a new bed.  Doesn’t she look regal, her ermine coloring against the purple.  And no, I am not the one who picked out the purple bed, though had I the opportunity, it would have been purple.

92 pounds.  Ghia hasn’t gotten much taller than when we got her, but she’s gotten thicker.  She’s a stocky dog mix, so that is to be expected.

We finally (knock wood) seem to have gotten her seizures under control.  She hasn’t had one in a couple months.  The overall hope is that she will outgrow them at some point.  In the meantime, she’s on phenobarbital.

I’ve read that the University of Colorado veterinary school is doing the first study of CBD oil as a medication for animals (dogs, cats, etc).  There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence on the web about it being used to control seizures.  We’re waiting for the results (due next year sometime) before trying it out.


Sometimes it’s nice to try something different; work with materials you don’t usually use.

That’s the case with this brooch.  The resin rose is very dimensional, almost an inch high, and maybe an inch and a half wide.  Pretty.  Pretty Big.

I knew when I started I wanted to bead some leaves around it, and was first thinking of three dimensional leaves, but they just weren’t happening.  Then the idea changed into the rose emerging from it’s leafy bower, growing out of the painting, if you will.  So, bead embroidered leaves in various shades of green, and some bugles to define the leaf veins.

This one is a keeper.  It will be just the thing on my red winter coat.

Jewelry and Chocolate

Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery
405 N. Nevada St.
Carson City, NV
Saturday February 9 10am-5pm

If you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by for a glass of bubbly, mimosas, chocolates or cookies.  I will be there from 12pm-2pm to answer questions and discuss my beadwork, along with 8 other local jewelry artists.


While we don’t heat the house with wood (propane instead), it’s nice to have some on hand.

Weather like this is just so conducive to a fire in the fireplace.  There’s something primal about having a fire nearby; it creates a sense of safety, warmth and camraderie.

This is also Ghia’s favorite toybox.  She will pull logs from the pile and run around the yard with them, then sit down for a good gnaw when she’s done playing.  I wonder if that’s her secret to such pearly white teeths?

At the Lake

Dangling bare feet off the dock.  Naps in the sunshine.  Trout just under the water, their shadows darting.

Even though we are in the throes of winter, this brooch reminds me of a summer’s day at the lake.  The cabochon is carracite jasper, with a hole in it.  I know there’s probably some proper geological name for that, but I have no idea what it is.  The hole is what drew me to this stone.

Straw colored seed beads reminiscent of a weathered dock complete the brooch.