Honey in the Garden

Another completed project, started at camp, finished at home.  These are a housewarming gift to the new neighbors.  They’ve been here over a year.  I’m slow.  It’s the thought that counts, right?

A set of four place mats and a table runner, all based on 60 degree rules designs.  Striped fabric from Fabric.com though I don’t know if they still have this particular print.  I did some fussy cutting to be sure the phrases ran around the table runner so that no matter which side of the table one sits at there’s something to read.

The place mats are all different, featuring one part of the print or another.  Yellow backing makes everything reversible, which is rather fun.  Also good for when you can’t get out those spaghetti sauce stains.


Pond Pebbles

Another bracelet from the bead loom.  This one made using snowflake obsidian (or snowflake agate, as I’ve heard it called).

Pretty much the same as Pebbles, except wider.

The picot edging is silver seed beads.

Silver beads are like white fabric – there are undertones of all different colors (warm, cool, pink, blue).  It took several auditions before I found the right “silver” to use.

I like how these bracelets feel, the loom weaving makes them very supple and pleasant to wear.

StyleArc: Lotti from Less

Another make from Sewing Camp.

This time Lotti used the last of the combo pack from Marcy Tilton Fabrics.  The front is one print, the back another.

The stripe was a lucky find from the stash – an ivory and black knit where the stripes ran vertically, against the stretch of the fabric.  Why don’t fabric manufacturers make more stripes like this?

Nothing particular about the sewing, as I’ve made this top many times before.


Something simple this time around, though made with fancy components.

Jasper beads woven into a slinky bracelet, edged with gold charlottes and finished with a gold clasp.

This bracelet was  made on a bead loom, which is a bit of a departure for me.  Still, once I remembered to keep an eye on the needle and thread, as in don’t let the thread get so short it pulls out of the needle on every pass, and remember you’ll have to weave in those tails, so make sure there’s some tail to weave, everything went smoothly.

I don’t make a lot of pieces using geological stones, and wondered if the jasper would present problems.  It didn’t, though it certainly caught the attention of the kitties when the loose beads fell on the floor.


After working with so many natural stones: brown, blue, grey I thought it was high time for a dash of color.  Enter Carnivale!

Hand dyed Shibori silk stitched in swoops and swirls, accented with sunflower Swarovski rivolis bezeled with matte black seed beads.  Can you say contrast?  I knew you could!  The folds of the shibori are highlighted with magenta and orchid metallic seed beads.  The cuff is lined with red faux leather, to keep the colorful carnival theme going strong.

This bracelet also has some experimentation, as I used a brass cuff / armature for the shape.  I’ve had these cuffs for years, but could never quite figure out what to do with them.  Now I know…

I love how the crystals peek out from the silk

HotPatterns: Classix Nouveau Peasant Blouse

Another project from sewing camp, completed and gifted.  This one is a lovely cotton voile.

I think I finally have the hang of making this pattern!  I’ll admit all those gathers threw me the first two times I made this pattern – so much fabric to shrink into such a small area!

But, I’ve developed a method: break the gathering into segments, and be sure to mark the alignment notches on the neck band.  Amazing how a few simple snips can tame chaos into order.

Oh, block fusing the interfacing onto the neck band before cutting it out helps too!