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Coming Up Irises


As the weather has warmed up, lanky green leaves started to appear in the iris garden.   Then it was flower stalks, tantalizing with the promise of blooms to come.  The past two weeks it’s been warm enough that the flowers have put forth their glory.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

The irises are courtesy of Grandmeow and my good friend E.  Irises apparently grow like weeds here, requiring very little care.  These blooms aren’t even hooked up to the drip line.  They just get whatever water falls from the sky.  That makes them perfect for me, as I have a black thumb when it comes to growing things.

The single windows in the background are my office.  When it’s a particularly trying day, I look out an am reminded that no matter how difficult work is, there is beauty in the world.



IMG_4070I suppose it took them a while to decide if they wanted to stay where they were.  No doubt because I moved these irises twice before they found their permanent homes amidst the rocks.

The view from my office.  It certainly brightens things up when I’ve had a tough day.

Yellow, white, blue-purple, red-purple and butterscotch.  Last year I only had 2 purple blooms.  Do you think those were the advance scouts, checking to see if the coast was clear?  I am so glad that this year, everyone decided to join the display.

Alas, the heat has arrived, and the blooms are now gone.  Summer is here!

Thankfully, even when the temperature is high, it drops after dark and we are able to open the windows to cool the house down.  Doing this means the air conditioning only comes on in the afternoon and evening.

Not Quite Yet


IMG_3874time for Spring.

Though we had some highs in the 60s and almost reached 70 last week, consistent warm weather was not to be.

Which is actually fine by me, as we are still in a drought situation, even with more snow this year than we’ve had in the past 3.

Snow?  Yes indeed, I will take it.  Moisture of any sort is still very welcome.

I even remembered to fill the bird feeders before the storm.

Can’t have our feathered friends going without.



IMG_3876We had our usual wintery windy day yesterday, which means a storm, or at least a weather change is coming.  We could see the storm clouds rolling over the Sierras.  Wind advisories were in effect on the mountain passes.

Last night, we went to sleep with a clear view.

This morning opening the blinds revealed this!

The wind blew so strongly the snow was stuck to the windows.  First time I’ve ever seen that happen!  I wonder, is this what it looks like from the inside of an igloo?

That’s Max in the window sill.  Sorry Max, no birds to watch just yet.

Farewell Walter


IMG_3616Alas, Walter the Weeping Norwegian Pine didn’t make it.

Of all the trees we’ve had planted this is the only one to have well and truly died.

The landscaper thinks the root ball may have become separated from the trunk when he was planted.

Poor Walter.

Walter will be replaced in another month or so, as soon as the tree stock arrives, though I’m not sure it will be another weeping pine.  I hope so.  They are such quirky trees.

Clarence, his buddy the Chanticleer pear is doing just fine.  He’s put out nice green leaves, and is swaying in the breeze as I type.