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It’s July.  It’s Hot.  Hotter than it’s been in previous summers.

Thankfully while the days are warm (warm by Cactusville standards, which I still use to judge how hot the days are) the evenings cool down 20 or 30 degrees once the sun sets.  Cool enough so that if one is up early, you can open the windows and let the morning breezes in.

The cats are mostly puddles of fur at this time.  Sir Puck decided this window was just the ticket to cool down before the house was closed up.  I think it’s his second nap of the morning.  Second Nap?  Second Breakfast?  He prefers the nap.


Kitty and the Quilt


IMG_3844Our version of “Princess and the Pea”
Kitty and the Quilt

Maximus decided that with all the snow outside, he was going to make himself comfy on a couple of warm, soft quilts, Hidden Treasures and Secret Garden.  It didn’t hurt that there was a lot of sunshine streaming in, which I am sure made for lovely kitty dreams:  mice, catnip, tuna juice.

Not that Max would even know what to do with a mouse, never having met one.