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Sewing Camp


Starts Today!

These are my proposed projects.  There are 10 in total, of which 7 are already cut out and ready to go.  I hope I’ve packed enough!  Some of them are pretty simple.  Can you say t-shirt?  I know you could.

Others are more complex, such as fitting a new pattern.

The must complete during camp number is 3.  Two of which are for other people.  One a fitting muslin, another a loooong overdue Christmas present, and the third something that has a deadline 2 weeks after camp, for our “Wear What Ya Won” meeting.

Ready!  Set!  Stitch!


Under the Sea


While wandering around somewhere or other, I came across these lovely little fishies, and knew I had to do something with them.  They weren’t my usual type of bead, being a fired ceramic, but what the h*ll.  Time for something completely different.

I remembered Nevermore and thought perhaps a similar technique might work.

So, it was into the bead boxes to see which colors and sizes worked with Cleo and Clara and Clovis.  What’s that?  Doesn’t everyone name their fish beads?  Of course they do!

The end result is a lovely spiral of seaside and mist colors in various bead sizes (15°, 11°, 8° and 6°) as the focal.  The spiral comes in and goes out, just like the tide.  The necklace is strands of milky white beads sealed with a slide clasp.