Nightshade and Opium


Just as there’s been precious little sewing until Sewing Camp, there has also been precious little beading going on.  It’s only been in the past month or so I’ve been able to return to the beading table.

While I haven’t started any new projects, I have been able to finish some that have been “in the works” for quite a while.

I don’t usually tend to make things using identifiable or semi-precious stones, but these caught my eye.  They are snowflake jasper I found at a lapidary shop.

I fiddled around, trying to figure out what to do with them; the irregular shapes were what attracted me, but didn’t make deciding on a finished project easy at all.  I auditioned various accent colors, looking for something that would pop.  The focals were interesting, but lacked zing.

The brooch was the first piece I finished.  I liked the various magentas and pinks. Then I bezeled the other three cabs, but had no idea what to do with them.  So they sat.  Lost and forlorn, waiting for inspiration to strike.  I wish I could take as long a holiday as inspiration took!

That said, inspiration finally returned, and I put the remaining three cabs together into a necklace.  As a group, they remind me of something you might find in Victorian times.  Dark, but not the total black of mourning.  Maybe a little wicked.  Maybe something Mr. Hyde would have given to his mistress.  Maybe something she would have taken for herself.


Fishy Fishy


As a Christmas gift, I was asked to make a wallet for my 20-something cousin.  She had seen this fish fabric on the cutting table in the sewing room, and asked if there was enough…

Or course there was!  And I was tickled that she even asked.

Unfortunately, life intervened and making anything for Christmas became well nigh impossible.  She’s been very sweet and patient.  This was one of the absolutely must complete projects I took to sewing camp.

And I was able to aaalmost finish it there too!  I thought I had all the bits with me, but when it came time for assembly I realized I had forgotten the screws to attach the frame.  Those were sitting at home, snug in their little baggy.

The pattern is the Roxy (or is it Rozy – I forget) from Serial Bagmakers.  This version has 12 (count ’em) card slots, which makes it just about perfect.

Sewing Camp


Starts Today!

These are my proposed projects.  There are 10 in total, of which 7 are already cut out and ready to go.  I hope I’ve packed enough!  Some of them are pretty simple.  Can you say t-shirt?  I know you could.

Others are more complex, such as fitting a new pattern.

The must complete during camp number is 3.  Two of which are for other people.  One a fitting muslin, another a loooong overdue Christmas present, and the third something that has a deadline 2 weeks after camp, for our “Wear What Ya Won” meeting.

Ready!  Set!  Stitch!

Snow Day


This was taken lastt week, when I celebrated my birthday with good friend Earin.  Nothing like having a nice tromp in the snow!

Note to the close observer – yes, my hair really is dyed to match the gloves and scarf.

For the meteorologically inclined – the snow is now melted.



Goodness, it’s been a while.  Nothing quite like having life come along and play “Whack-a-Mole” with one’s plans, holidays and well, everything else.  No sooner would things seem to be heading in a direction than a new piece of information would be proffered, which in turn would totally upset things and require a complete change.

BUT (and you knew there was one of those coming, didn’t you…) I learned a lot.

I learned that:

  • If you really want to know what is being recommended (say, as in for someone’s care) talk to the source, or as near to the source as you can get.  Third hand information is garbled at best.
  • Determine what the qualifications are of the person making the recommendation. Do they really even have any?  Is this just their “opinion” talking as fact?
  • Research.  Do your research.  Even if you did it before, do it again.
  • Ask questions.
  • Take notes and keep a paper trail.
  • Develop a plan.
  • Be prepared for the plan to evolve, but don’t lose sight of what it’s supposed to accomplish.

Above all, when times are crazed, be good to yourself.  This is not the time to beat yourself up about falling off the New Year’s Diet Resolution.  Or any other resolution.

Last thing I think I need to do, before I can start back up with my off-kilter creativity is get rid of this coughing crud that I’ve got.  It’s hung around for several months after the flu has left.  Damn microbes!