Twinkle, Twinkle

I’ve been working on this piece for a while.  It’s 11° Delicas, which take more time.  Now I’m stuck.  I like where the design has gone so far, from a flat zigzag to a lovely flower once some of the corners were joined.  Now I’m stuck.  Next?

Originally I had thought a brooch, but it’s too large (hence the ruler in the photo for scale).  The rivoli makes it more of a statement piece.  It’s too delicate to hang from a necklace as a focal.

I’m not one for making the types of huge neck pieces that the beading competitions seem to like.  As the song says, “Where Do I Go from Here?”

If women wore hats, I think it would look great on a fancy chapeau, maybe with some silk flowers and point d’esprit lace.  But really, when was the last time you wore a hat?  A Real Hat?

Think.  Think.  Think.


Red Rover

IMG_4019I thought to try my hand at incorporating more chain into my work.  This necklace is one of the experiments.

The chain (circles and ovals) was purchased, then deconstructed (aka cut apart) and refashioned.

It was fun to play around.

I created peyote stitched tubes around the oval links.  Then had to decide whether to use the circle links.  Answer: Yes.  Everything was put together with red aluminum jump rings.  The very ends are hand-made chain.

I’m not sure which took more time – working with the pliers to fashion the chain, or stitching the peyote tubes.  Either way, it was fun!

And I have no idea why the name “Red Rover“.  That’s just what came to mind.

Hot Mess

IMG_3834Would you believe this photo is a great example of the creative mind at work?

I would be lying if I said that.  There’s nothing creative going on here at all.  It’s just a Pile O’ Stuff waiting to be put away.

Bits and bobs from past projects still cluttering the table.  Finished projects waiting to either be taken to the shoppe or otherwise put away.  Quite a mess.

Beading will reconvene as soon as I can see the table top…and the unfinished projects laying under all of this!  Soon.  Very soon.

Ghoulish Delight

IMG_3746What can I say, every ghoul needs a little bling for her anniversary, don’t you think?  To celebrate ours, I made this necklace.  It doesn’t clank ominously like a true denizen of the dark might prefer, but it has a nice little rattle when worn. Skulls, candy corn colored crystals (say that three times fast!) and hand-made chain.

That’s right, all the purple chain started as a bag of jump rings that I had purchased with a specific project in mind, only to find out when they arrived that they simply would not do.  Being a purple sorta girl, I had to find something to use them in.

All the eye pins were made by hand as well, using colored copper wire.  I’ve found the Wirework Findings class over on to be incredibly useful.  Lisa Niven Kelly is a great inspirational instructor.


Emerald Isle

IMG_3523I picked up a mix of faceted glass beads the other day, totally taken with the bright greens that were in there.

Of course, once I got them home, there was aqua, smoke and clear crystals as well, but fluorescent lighting is not the best to show these nuances.

I mixed in some clear drops, and came up with this necklace.  It’s a bit longer than my usual (18 inches less the clasp) but it all works.

This is the same beading pattern as Josephine, but it looks completely different.  Different beads.  Different drops.  Different colors.

That’s the beauty of beading.  Slight, or major changes to one’s materials creates something new and unique each and every time.


helmetThese days I am finding that inpiration comes from many different sources.  Some of them quite unlikely.

It used to be, I’d see a picture of a beaded piece, or see something in a movie or TV show that I’d try my hand at; not replicating, but obviously inspired by.

Not so in this case.  I saw the helmet at left when I chauferred Prince Charming to take his Motorad in for service.  It is as bright in real life as it is in the photo.  And no, it did not come home with me.  It’s sized for men, and my noggin is not.

IMG_2744What did come home with me was an idea.  In inkling for a color way.  Neon red and black had struck a chord.  Not only that, these were colors I already has supplies for, so creative gratification could be achieved in record time.

Well, scratch the record time bit!

What started out as a simple square stitch morphed into a much more complex design, though I think the necklace is the better for it.

So, what’s in it?  A base composed of 4mm neon red pearls and black 15 seed beads, all square stitched together.  Atop this is a net with more black 15s and some lovely black crystals.  The accent is a large black crystal, embellished with other neon beads in the same color.  The necklace rests at collarbone level – not too short, not too long.

Can’t you just see this necklace paired with black leather, roaring down the highway?  Of course she who wears it would ride her own motorcycle; there would be no passengering or side car.  Attitude required.IMG_2747

Bringing Home the Bling

IMG_2440Remember that box?  The one in the previous post containing a cat?  This is what was really inside!  Daggers and Drops and Druks, Oh My!

Like the Olympics, and their motto of “Bring Home the Gold”, I too sought to Bring Home the Bling.  Success!

IMG_2443The seed beads are both size 8 and 6.

The colors looks pretty basic, but basic gets used quite a bit, and these fill out the gaps in colors I already have.  True, they are not my personal color choice (orange?) but they will be used, of that I am sure.

The baggies are 1/4 kilo, and about the size of a sandwich bag.  That gives some idea of how seed beads are sold in the wholesale world.  I imagine if I owned a bead shop, the supplier would have been more than happy to sell them pre-packaged in little plastic tubes, but that is unnecessary.

IMG_2441Then there are the daggers, drops and druks.  Druk is a fancy term (Czech probably) for a simple round bead.  I guess it differentiates them from seed beads, which are perhaps made differently?  Not sure.  Will have to research that.

I really like the chrome colored daggers.  See them sitting next to the red drops?  I think they will come in quite handy, when a little something unusual is called for.  Maybe they’ll make their first appearance in a Mermaid bracelet.  Biker Mermaid, anyone?