Doesn’t this horse look like it’s won the Triple Crown?  I think so.  In record time too!

A lovely ecru and tan cameo brooch embellished with all manner of seed beads.

The teeny tiny gold beads are 24kt charlottes, acquired ages ago from I don’t know where.  Not even sure I could find them again if I wanted to.

Maybe she’ll try a run at Ascot next year?



Wagons Ho

Definitely working outside my color comfort zone to create this salmon pink brooch.

I believe the cabochon is from the 40s or possibly earlier.   Black image on glass.  I don’t even recall where I got it.  Probably one of the vendors at the Tucson Gem & Mineral show.

The solid pink beads are antique French 8°s.  A little less uniform in shape that today’s 8° beads, but that’s their appeal.  The color is unlike anything I’ve seen before, not an AB, not a solid but something in between.

The whole is finished with a pin back and faux leather.


Fit for a Queen

This is another one of those projects that spoke in fits and starts.  First to pipe up was the green druzy focal.  It said “Make Me!  Make Me!” which I did.  Only to have it’s voice descend into senseless babble once completed.  Make you I did, but now what?

I put the focal aside, knowing it would pipe up once it’s partners in bead-dom appeared.  Bringing home some bright gold spacers had everyone chattering.  They were exactly what was needed.

Emerald green druks, various green and topaz crystals and a necklace fit for a queen.  I thought the rough and tumble nature of the druzy would fit Boudicca, Celtic Warrior Queen.


img_4197Halloween and Day of the Dead are right around the corner.  Every year about this time, I get the desire, nay compulsion, to make something to celebrate.

This year, I’ve used a wonderful scrimshaw bat button (say that three times fast!) as a focal.  The bat is hand carved with a bit of battitude, don’t you think?

When I purchased the button several years ago at the Bead & Button show, the vendor  told me the woman who carved them had passed away.  So there wouldn’t be any more, and I was basically getting “a good deal”.  I suppose the button has gone up in value over time, though I’ve not done any research to substantiate this.img_4198

I had originally thought to make this into a brooch, but didn’t want to mar the back gluing on a pin finding.  Instead I kept the button intact by creating a peyote bezel around it.  No removing the shank on the back for this beader!

The poor little fellow looked a bit forlorn with only the bezel, so sparkly beaded fringe was added.  Last but not least, a way to wear it.  So a necklace strap was joined to the bezel.

Various gunmetal, purple, lavendar, grey (you get the idea) beads were auditioned until I was happy with the outcome.  It’s amazing how many shades of purple there are!  A little chain making (purple jump rings), a lobster clasp and a sugar skull dangle finished everything off.img_4194

Cuppa Tea, Mad Hatter?

IMG_4112Yes indeed, he’s off to the party with his cuppa, wearing pokla-dotted finery.

Another embellished pendant featuring an Alice in Wonderland character, accented with glitteratti inks (green, yellow and pink).  The whole kept safe under a glass cabochon.

I had a lot of fun using crazy colors in the beadwork.  I’ve had the pink bugles for ages, and could never get them into a piece before.  I do like how they turned out.  The rest are silver, yellow and chartreuse seeds.

The silver bail is glued on.  I’m finding these bails to be more satisfactory than beading bails.

The back is my usual faux leather.

Do you think the Mad Hatter will wait for Beaux Bunny to show up?

Ghoul’s Delight

IMG_4064Heh!  Not all cabochons and paper collages turn into pins, y’know.

These Day of the Dead faces became earings!  They are somewhat on the large side, being about 1 1/4 inches at their longest.  Not too big.  Not too small.  Definitely visible!

The images are accented with glitter.  The bezel is teensy tiny copper 15°s surrouned with hot melon seeds, accented with red aurora borealis crystals.  The backs are covered with faux leather.

I like that the images face each other.  That way, when worn, the skull will be looking the same direction, regardless of which side (left or right) you see them from.  Having a directional design duplicated, but not mirror imaged for the opposite side drives me crazy!  Lack of attention to detail like that, when it’s so simple to do…  Harrumph!

These will be a nice addition to the upcoming Day of the Dead Festivities!


IMG_4084Mum.  Mum.  Mum

Though I’m not at all certain if the cabochon of this brooch is in fact supposed to be a chyrsanthemum-mum-mum.  Or not.

Either way, whatever botanical beauty it represents, I think I’ve done it justice.

It was fun and interesting to play with colors I don’t usually gravitate towards – blue, peach, crystal.  The peach is enough of a contrast to the blue that it shows, but isn’t garish.  You should have seen some of the other colors I auditioned (then shrieked at!).  A more muted palette was definitely called for.

Like the other brooches I’ve been making recently, this one has faux leather and a pin on the back.