This brooch is a thank you gift.

Seems that one of the lovely ladies in my sewing group also does lapidary work. The Amazonite focal is one of her creations.  Isn’t it beautiful!

She was kind enough to let me look through her collection, and agreed to part with some of her cabochons.  Wow!

I thought the least I could do was say “Thank You” and show how a few beads and some thread could enhance her cabs.  I think I’ve done it justice.



She was always there for you.  Tail wagging when you came home from school.  Happy to chase a ball or play a rousing game of stick toss.

Her muzzle greyed as she grew older, but the joy of play remained in her eyes.  There was nothing like a good sniff and a nice tummy scritch, followed by a nap in the sun.

She was your mascot,  understooding you in ways no one else could.

Resin cameo brooch with beaded bezel.



One can’t be somber all the time!

This brooch has a dyed and carved bone face paired with a lapidary cabochon.  I should know the type of stone, but have forgotten.

The brick reds give way to warm umber beads highlighted with dark copper 15°s.

Something unearthed when digging through an abandoned brickyard perhaps?  Lost beneath piles of dust and rubble for generations.

A keepsake once again.

Aurora Borealis

I don’t know if one could see shooting stars or comets through the light show of the aurora borealis, but if one could, they might look like this.

A brooch of shibori silk ribbon and freshwater pearls, accented with small gold cubes and seed beads.

Wearable waves of light.

Classic Sand and Stone

The focal for this brooch is a very dimensional piece of druzy quartz.  Rather than being smooth on top like a cabochon usually is, this one is very rough and crystalline.

It was also very uneven on the back, which is what took so long for it to be used.  I had to figure out a way to level the back, so it wouldn’t wobble.

There are lovely ecru and sand colors wandering throughout. I accented this with freshwater pearls and gold seed beads as the cabochon housing.

Simple.  Elegant.  Classic.


After working so much with lapidary stones and earthen colors, I was ready for something different.  Bright.  Lively.

The tea dyed face of this brooch was the starting point.  I pulled out beads I’d been wanting to use, but hadn’t gotten around to – those shocking colors we all have in our stash that make us wonder “What the ???” was I thinking.

It reminds me of the costumes of the old Ballet Russes, from the 1920s.  Perhaps based on a drawing from Bakst.  Young.  Lively.  Ready for a grande jete across the stage.

Tiny Terrorist

Don’t let the blue bow fool you!

Beneath that silky little topknot beats the heart of a tyrant.  A true Canine Capone, ready to take down all comers with a single bark.

He controls his humans, having them running to his side with a single, well timed yip.  Dinner, of course, is served at their table, on the good china.

A resin cameo brooch, part of a series of dogs I did for a charity event.  I think the’s rather striking, if I do say so myself.

Seed beads, crystals, bugle beads an of course the requisite brooch back.