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Carolina, with every color under the rainbow.  Or very near to it.

A necklace with paper collage and beaded surround.  She’s been just the bright and  lively ticket to chase away the doldrums.

She smiles.  She twinkles.  I bet she even has a secret she’s not sharing.


Barrone Prevost


IMG_4067I think this brooch may be Baronne Prevost under glass, though I am not 100% certain.  What’s that?  A Baron under glass?  According to the Antique Rose Emporium web site that’s what this rosy image most closely resembles, though I am sure the actual flower is neither under glass, nor decorated with glittery accents.

I’m not completely in love with this piece.  All the individual parts are fine, but somehow they just aren’t singing to me the way my beadwork usually does.  It sings well enough that I won’t cut it apart.

The construction followed my standard method – decorate the image, then it goes under a glass cabochon.   The whole is then beaded around with a peyote bezel and accents.  In this case, some pale yellow druks and salmon seed beads, then it’s backed with beige leather and the accents applied.

I tried a new style of edging, and I’m not sure it works.  What do you think?



IMG_1814I know, after yesterday’s post, this is a bit of a let down.  But, life must go on, and beading along with it.

This is (I think) a moss agate.  I tried something different by stitching a little ruffle around the cab.  Even moss can be fanciful.

The waviness gives a nice juxtaposition between the standard peyote bezel and the hardness of the stone.

After all that flame and smoke, I just needed some greenery!