Sometimes, a person just has to try something different.  I’ve never been much of a pink person (except when I sunburn – teehee), so this pendant became an exercise in working outside my comfort zone.

I think my comfort zone has now expanded.

Paper collage butterfly under glass.  Lovely rose and pink beads surrounding the butterfly, with a few matte black accents providing contrast.

All set to fly away on a silver chain.


Gertie’s Gold

Though she got a late start discovering her passion, by the age of thirty-three she was deeply immersed in it, leading paleolithic and neolithic excavations in Egypt, Yemen and Zimbabwe.  Quite the feat for a 1920s woman.

Gertie developed methods for recording an artifact’s position in relation to it’s neighbors, as well as soil scrutiny and analysis.  These are methods which form the basis of modern archaeology.

Perhaps this is one of the pieces  unearthed in her 1929 Zimbabwe dig?  A diety?  A goddess?

Gertrude-Caton Thompson (1888-1985)

Left Turn

Sometimes, pieces start one way, the creative process taking firm hold.  Progress happens nicely, then stops.  Full Stop.

Maybe one’s creative mojo takes a holiday.  (I swear some times I see her off in the distance, sipping mojitos on a sandy beach, thumbing her nose at me!)

Other times, well, the direction I thought I was taking is no longer where the piece wants to go.  We discuss.

That’s what happened here.  When I started, I knew this was going to be a brooch.  The colors were working, the shape was good…then I got to the final edging, and the cabochon no longer said “brooch”.  It was demanding, “Make Me Something Else.”

To paraphrase comedian Tom Papa, “Have you ever heard a piece of jewelry stamp it’s foot?  I have.”  Being the obedient artist that I am, a beaded bail was added instead of a pin back.  A bronze chain finished things nicely.  We both breathed a sigh of relief.

Left turn completed.  Collision avoided.

Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho is a type of  butterfly.  Searching reveals a wonder of gorgeous images. While the image in this necklace isn’t exactly a Morpho, I thought it was pretty close.

Paper collage image under a glass cabochon.  Various shades of purple bezel the image, with a highlight of black seed beads.

Simple.  Colorful.

Chi Hua Hua

Sometimes you just want to do something simple, that doesn’t require a lot of thought, effort, color matching, stitching…  You know what I mean.  A piece where you can just “Go”!

That’s what this pendant was.  Glass cabochon and art paper collage, with a little chihuahua jauntily peering forth.  He said his name was Beauregard.  Beau for short.

Various shades of green seed beads, accented with sterling silver 3-cut charlottes.

Could he be your Beau?


One can’t be somber all the time!

This brooch has a dyed and carved bone face paired with a lapidary cabochon.  I should know the type of stone, but have forgotten.

The brick reds give way to warm umber beads highlighted with dark copper 15°s.

Something unearthed when digging through an abandoned brickyard perhaps?  Lost beneath piles of dust and rubble for generations.

A keepsake once again.


After working so much with lapidary stones and earthen colors, I was ready for something different.  Bright.  Lively.

The tea dyed face of this brooch was the starting point.  I pulled out beads I’d been wanting to use, but hadn’t gotten around to – those shocking colors we all have in our stash that make us wonder “What the ???” was I thinking.

It reminds me of the costumes of the old Ballet Russes, from the 1920s.  Perhaps based on a drawing from Bakst.  Young.  Lively.  Ready for a grande jete across the stage.