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Just the Necessary


This is my rendition of the Necessary Clutch Wallet from Emmeline Bags.  It is apparently taking the wallet sewing world by storm.

Our sewing guild had this as their March workshop, and I was able to finish it at sewing camp.  It’s a great way to use up all those bits and pieces you have left over from other projects.  That quilting cotton with the To-Die-For print?  Use it here!

The workshop was great!  All the bag hardware was included in the class fee, as well as various stiffeners and interfacing.  This is a structured bag.  It does not collapse when chock full of all those essentials required on a daily basis.

It is also the only project I finished at sewing camp.  I attribute that to the fact that my sewjo was off somewhere drinking fruity drinks at the time.  She does this periodically, and never checks with my agenda.   Pretty nervy!

The inside is just as colorful, which I really like.  Zippered pockets.  Credit card pockets.  Slip pockets.  An open, but secured pocket which holds up to an iPhone 7 (not that I have one of those).

Speaking of, why is it handbags no longer come with credit card pockets?  I mean, really?  In a world that is almost completely cash-less these days, and nowhere to slip those cards.  Harrumph!

Bright.  Useful.  Cute.  Ta-Da!


In the Clutch


img_4227While I am mostly a garment sewer, every so often I undertake a foray into other things.  I found the metal frames and pattern back in June at the local Quilt Expo.  Try as I might, I kept coming back to that booth, which basically told me I should pick up one (or two) and take them home.

The directions are pretty good, though it does help to keep sticky notes at hand for labeling which squares are for what purpose.  I went a little further and ordered some RFID cloth.  The wallets are lined with that as well.

I read several reviews, and it seems sometimes the RFID works for credit card theft, other times it does nothing.  Either way, the recipients much prefer it, so it is included, sandwiched between the exterior and interior prints.

These wallets can be made with two fat quarters.  I used leftovers from, umm…  I forget where.  They have six credit card slots, two slip pockets and one zippered.  I think they’re bright enough to be found in even the largest, darkest of bags!