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Penchant for Pods


I’ve been looking for sewing projects that would use up all the bits and pieces of fabrics I’ve accumulated.  You know those fabrics you like too much to toss, even though there’s not enough left to make a pocket lining.

I stumbled on these critters while cruising Craftsy, looking for ideas or patterns or… something!

These little cuties were just the ticket!

The instructions are very good, including how to create a franken-zipper of your very own.  That means separating a zipper and removing the zipper head on purpuse which is something I had issues with.  It’s one of the Seven Deadly Sewing Mistakes – zipping a zip only to come completely off the teeth.  Eek!

These little pods are about 4 inches on a side.  Large enough to hold whatever may need holding, but small enough to not be cumbersome.  Some of them are stiffened with quilt batting (more scraps put to good use) while others have heavy duty interfacing.  I haven’t yet decided which I prefer.  Both support media allow them to stay open when unzipped.

Two 10 inch (or smaller) pieces of fabric create two pods.  Not bad!  I can see these as gifties for the holidays.


Ultimate T-Shirt


IMG_3350The Ultimate T-Shirt is a Craftsy class taught by Katherine and Marcy Tilton. Craftsy is an online portal for various and sundry crafting classes.   It’s free to join.  They offer some free classes, and if you sign up for their mailing list, classes of one sort or another go on sale all the time.

The other nice thing about Craftsy is that there is no expiration date on the classes.  You can go back and take any part, any time, again and again and again.

True confessions time – while I’ve signed up for several classes, this is the first one I’ve actually finished.  The Ultimate T-Shirt class includes the pattern, which is mailed to you on enrollment.  Marcy & Katherine take turns with the videos, each showing a different construction step / technique.

I know, T-shirts.  How hard can they be?  Still, I thought it might be fun to take, and learn something new, which is exactly what happened. A new technique for neckline bands.  One which I’ll use on future tops, to be sure.  In case you’re wondering, Craftsy provides no remuneration or input of any kind to me.  I just took the class.

The pattern is Vogue 8793, by Katherine Tilton.  The class has you dropping the fancy collar pictured on the pattern for learning a basic collar band.  I made mine out of leftover ponte knit from the Mabels.

The good:  rather than being a muslin, as I had first thought, the T-shirt fits well enough that I will actually wear it.  The class is informative and light-hearted.  Even an old sewist can learn new tricks.

The operator error:  Screw-up in flat pattern measuring resulted in a sleeve that was way too tight.  Corrected by reducing the seam allowance.  Also had to lower the armscye.