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img_4384Purple, Magenta, Green.  The first flowers poking through the snow.  Days are getting longer.  The sun is rising earlier, setting later.

More experimentation with the bead loom.  The base of the bracelet was woven using 10° delicas.  It was fun both because it went quickly and helped expand my horizons.

The little flowers are matte green o-beads and sparkly magenta 15°s.  The magentas also make up the picot edge.  The whole band is wrapped through a pair of hammered gunmetal D rings, snicked with a magnetic clasp.




img_4302Doesn’t this bracelet remind you of sea shells in the Seychelles?  Those lovely oyster colored beads, fresh picked from the beach?

I had a bunch of delica beads that have been singing their siren song “Choose Me!  Choose Me!  Stitch with Me!” for quite a long time.  I finally succumbed, and Seychelles is the result.

The primary band is a mix of green and chartreuse delicas.  The individual shells have their dimension created by stepping up the bead sizes:  11°, 8°, 6°.  Then stepping back down again.  They are quite dimensional.

Everything waves like fronds of sea grass.



IMG_3570Meet Ubuntu.

She took forever to complete.  Hours and hours and hours of stitching around and around and around. Whew!  For a while I thought she’d never be finished.

For the geeks reading, this Ubuntu has no correlation to the Ubuntu operating system.  It just sounded right for a necklace made with peyote and ndebele stitches.

The beads are size 10 delicas.  The colored beads are modified peyote stitch, while the black is ndebele or herringbone stitch.  The picture doesn’t show a cross section, which is triangular, so the necklace lays flat on the wearer.

Ubuntu will be staying with me.  She just took so long to create that I can’t part with her.

Garden Sunrise


IMG_1936It’s taken longer than expected to complete this bracelet.  The first iteration proved to be too small, so I cut it apart and started over.  This one, the second, had to wait while more beads were ordered and shipped.  Then it had to wait again while the correct size of beads was shipped.  Then more time passed while the original corrective shipment was lost, and a second dispatched.  Someone in the stock room of this on-line retailer has obviously mixed the 11º and 10º delicas, thinking all delicas are one size.  Not so!

I now present:  Garden Sunrise

The overall design is edgy, with zigs and zags, peaks and valleys.  The colors give a softer appearance, for those occasions where you don’t need to announce your competency, instead letting it fill the room like a fragrance.

The sea green of the front zigs remind me of forget-me-nots, while the dark purple on the base are crocus.  The rest of the garden rises up behind, with the first peachy shades of sunrise separating the flower beds.

Toasty Triangles


IMG_1606Do you ever have those projects where you get started on something, then just can’t stop?  Well, that’s what Toasty Triangles turned into.

I thought to use up some 8º delicas that had been on the beading table for far too long.  Once I got to stitching though, the siren song of creativity took over and I just couldn’t stop.  That is, until I ran out of beads.  The butterscotch ones that make up the small triangles, in fact.    There are lovely chocolate crystals in between the triangles, which provide a nice sparkle.  A rich gold toggle closes the necklace securely.

Something unique to take that tweedy jacket to the next level?  Extra punch for a PBD (plain brown dress)?



IMG_1537Stress the vowels when you say that, like Fred Flintstone calling for his wife.  Wiiiillllmaaaa!  Can’t you just see her wearing it?  The Belle of Bedrock.

This is a very chunky bracelet.  The triangles are a bit stiff, and wrap all the way down the sides of my wrist.  It is definitely a statement piece.

So, stiff triangles because they are made with size 10º delicas, which lock together.  The triangles also have more hollowness to them than previous ones I’ve made.  Not Bad.  Not Good.  Just the way they went together.  The graduated strip of triangles was fabricated as one piece, then it was strung with crystals and larger beads.

I had thought of just continuing with bead weaving to finish the bracelet, then realized that the interior stringing wire was needed to give body, and a bit of safety for the whole piece.  I wasn’t sure thread would hold up to repeated wear, the stringing wire will.

Visiting the Dark Side


IMG_1518My travails with triangles recently paid a visit to the Dark Side.  Dark as in moody.  Dark as in shadows strutting with glimmers of bright.  This bracelet is the result of that dance.

It’s a different colorway than I usually pick.  Almost, but not quite monochromatic.  There are glossy and matte 8º delicas while the crystals are a half silver, half clear.  The whole piece is beadwoven, meaning the triangle, then the crystal, then the next triangle was stitched with a continuous piece of thread.

I suppose I could have made the triangles, then strung them with the crystals, but for some reason, I like creating this as a single fabrication.  It also means fewer little bits to attract curious paws, which is always a bonus.

This piece is also the start of decreasing some of my beading stash.  Somewhere along the way I acquired a bunch of 8º delicas, and they are just not the right size for me.  Working with 10ºs is much more to my liking, even though using the smaller beads takes longer.