Kwik Sew 2874: Party Time

I picked up this fabric thinking it would be a nice piece to make into something for the holidays.

Truth be told, I don’t know what I was thinking, as I do not live an embroidered velvet life.  As I thought about what to do with it, I realized as a velvet knit, it could become something simple, and being polyester, didn’t require the care a “true” velvet would.

Enter Kwik Sew 2874, a raglan sleeve top I’ve made many times before.  No fitting or fussing needed.  Even better, I could wear the top outside the hoildays, with jeans!

Cut with a nap layout, sewn on the serger.  I used black ponte for the neckband, rather than try to fold that embroidery.  Everything went together much easier than I expected.  The moral of this sewing?  Fancy doesn’t have to mean difficult!


Three Ts

These are Ts for Grandmeow, aka Mom.

She doesn’t get out much, but still likes to be colorful and have her sparkles.  The industrial washing her clothes go through probably doesn’t help them last either.  So, it was a bit of a trifecta.  One of the Big Box stores had jeans on sale, and those colors coordinated perfectly with the t-shirt blanks I had picked up.

The hardest decision was picking embroidery designs that were light stitching, and lent themselves to further embellishment.

I admit to making a mistake on the bottom one.  The design was denser than I anticipated.  Once the stabilizer washed out, the whole thing wrinkled up.  Thankfully I was able to correct this by using some iron-on mesh backing.  Soft against the skin, and it should hold everything in place.  Hmm.  I guess there’s a reason why one is always told to do a test stitch-out.  I should remember that advice.

I believe all the designs are from Urban Threads. The finishing touch was adding rhinestuds.

Gardening Queen

While Grandmeow no long has the ability to garden, she still likes her sparkles.  On good days, she remembers her roses.

This design, courtesy of Urban Threads, I think (though I could no longer find it on their web site – it’s an old design) was just right for a summery salmon shirt (say that three times fast!).

A crown with leaves and roses, dressed up with rhinestones.

The only problem is every time I see it, the Abba song “Dancing Queen” starts running through my mind.  Aaaahhhh!


More replacement t-shirt stitching

Another one for Mom.

This design was a lot of fun to play with.  I altered the colors of the designs inside the bear. They’re difficult to see in this photo, but trust me, there’s lime green and hot pink and yellow.

No bling on the front, as it really didn’t need it.

There is another design on the back, so it’s as fancy coming as going.

Flaming Go-Go

Has anyone realized that t-shirts do not last forever?  Especially when they are washed en-masse, along with jeans, towels, sheets and what not.

This one is for Grandmeow, to replace some of her more worn and tattered favorites.  She will get a lot of wear now that warmer weather is coming.

I did something a little different when embroidering this design. A home-made applique, if you will.

I didn’t want the stripes to be as bright under the flamingo, so before the flamingo thread color stitched, I slipped a piece of organza under the needle.  Once the bird was done, I snipped away everything outside the bird.

Lastly, I added nailheads to the ‘go, ’cause a girl’s gotta have her bling.

Secret Garden

IMG_3817When one is good, two is better, don’t you think?

Actually, Secret Garden was parallel processing with Hidden Treasures (my geek is showing – parallel processing indeed!).  I made all the strips at the same time.  It was pleasantly mindless sewing, which I really needed at the time.

The original thought was to quilt them together, so both sides would be colorful.  Some ideas are best left by the wayside, as I realized trying to line up all those strips, and stitch-in-the-ditch from both sides would make me crazier than I already am.

The next thought was to cut the whole thing in half, and rotate the two pieces 90 degrees.  That would solve the issue of lining things up, but I would still have to be careful of the embroidered additions.  I certainly didn’t want to quilt though carrots or an owl.  Scratch that idea too.

In the end, they became two quilts.  I had enough wonder fabric* from the local ASG Holiday Gala to make the backs the same, so there was continuity with that as well.

I haven’t yet decided if this quilt is staying or gifting.  Mr. Puck would prefer it stay, even though he doesn’t sleep on quilts.

*Wonder Fabric:  When you look at fabric, and wonder…why did I every buy that?  Every holiday the local ASG has a party, where exchanging one’s “wonder” fabric is part of the festivities.

Hidden Treasures

IMG_3826Ever have one of those times when you need to do something just to take your mind off something else?  Well, this quilt is the result of one of those.  It was also a good reason to try some embroidery designs “just because” as well as use up stash.  We all have them, those cotton pieces toted around from place to place – too large to throw away, too small to be made into anything.

I got the idea from the Ebambo quilt I wrote about here.  That one turned out so well, I decided to tempt fate, and see if I could do it again.  The strips on this one are narrower, 2 1/2 inches instead of 3.  The embroidery designs are from a number of places – Urban Threads, BullarIMG_3833d Designs, Momo Dini and Kreations by Kara to name a few.  Other sources as well, though they slip my mind at the moment.

Very therapeutic sewing.  Row after row after row.   I did have to get a wee bit fussy to be sure that when I joined the rows I wasn’t going to cut through an embroidery design, but that really didn’t take a lot of effort.

I had originally thought to add something beyond the black border.  Then I realized it was large enough as-is.  Big enough to nap under, not really meant to cover a bed.

The back, as you can see, is a bunch of crop circles.  They get the Phred Paw of Approval!