Empress Minnie Moo-Chee Thunderpaws

1993 – 2007

Empress Minnie Moo-Chee Thunderpaws.  First cat.

Minnie, named originally for Minnie the Moocher, was our very first Tribe member.  She’s the one who started it all.  6 pounds of feline refinement, she ruled the house with a velvet paw and titanium claw.  It made no difference to her –  large, small, dog or cat,she let everyone know: She was boss.

The Empress, as she was often called, was very selective.  Strangers were not tolerated.  Many was the time she would run to the door, growling, then turn to see if we were watching.  If so, her job was done.  She’d warned us of intruders, and went to hide in the back of the closet.

If, however, she decided she liked you, then there was purring and head butts and cat drool.  The fine paw on your face, to check if you were awake for pets.

I’ve often thought that Minnie, or perhaps one of  her relatives was the model for the “Tournee du Chat Noir” poster.  It captures her personality so strongly.  Small.  Solid.  Prickly but classy at the same time.  Very certain of who she was and what she wanted.  She reminded us often that her ancestors had been worshiped as Gods for thousands of years.

Minnie came from the Humane Society.  Small golden eyes peering out from the back of the pen.  Minnie paved the way for everyone else.  She taught the dogs, who were 10 times her size, proper etiquette, as well as the other cats.

She eventually succumbed to some sort of internal illness.  We don’t know exactly what, as it didn’t lend itself to diagnosis, and doing a necropsy was out of the question.

Minnie, you taught us well, and we are forever grateful.