Green Man

It’s no secret, I like making pins.  I know not many people wear them today, which is sad.  They can be subtle or bold.  Unobtrusive or a stand out.  Even better, once attached, they don’t get in the way.

I well remember the Madeleine Albright’s phrase: “Read My Pins”.

What would Green Man say about his wearer?  He has a natty strand across his brow, perhaps a tip of the brim to bygone eras when civility was the norm?

Crystals and pearls, likening to both the man-made and natural realm.

A bit of fringe to shake – do they like dancing?



IMG_4097Amidst the foggy night of Olde London town, she dashes down the cobbled streets, stopping to listen for following footsteps.  The tabloids have said Mad Jack is back…

While this brooch has nothing to do with Jack the Ripper or anything else from turn of the century London, that’s where the inspiration came from.

The focal is carved resin, maybe 3 inches long.  Large by beady standards.  The surround is a mix of 8° and 11° seed beads.  The fringe has a lovely red cast.  Reminds me of stained glass windows.

Crystals and copper charlottes finish the edges, with faux leather and a pin on the back.



Final Festival

???????????????????????????????There was some finishing up over the weekend.  Or more precisely a clearing-off of the cutting table.

This lovely aqua stripe ponte (courtesy of a sale at Fabric Mart Fabrics several months back) sat on the table begging to be used.  It’s summery.   It’s clean.  It wanted to be made, and I did!

This is the last of the Fringe Festival (or is it Festival Fringe?) Ts for the season.  With the weather cooling down, I’m not sure how much wear I’ll get before sweater season arrives.  Regardless, it’s a nice top and I am pleased to have it.

???????????????????????????????Just to change things up, I omitted the center back and front seams, and rounded the neckline from a V to a scoop.  Omitting the center seams also made matching the stripes much less tedious.

Max likes the shirt too!

Sour Razzleberry

IMG_2937Shades of lime, pink and purple.  Toss in some magenta and blue, and another confection is born!

These are part of the same group of buttons as Sour Blueberry and Sweet Hearts.  The last of them too.  This will probably also be the last button bracelet for a while.  I feel I’ve gotten them out of my system.  At least for now.

Loops and loops of seed beads in blue.  Silver-lined magenta with blue drops and, of course, the buttons.  A dark lobster claw clasp hooking into some purple rings.  Good enough to eat!

Sweet Hearts

IMG_2930Good Enough to Eat!

Don’t these bracelets look good enough to eat?  Little candy hearts in bright, clear colors strung together with baby fringe.  Orange, Orange!  Luscious Lemon!  Chewable Cherry! Better than bubble gum because there are no calories!*

Alas, they are not edible.  They are buttons.  Regular, every day, sew on your clothes buttons.  They don’t even have the audacity to call themselves antique, which to my mind is what makes them so much fun.  This is jewelry you can play in.  That you don’t have to worry about.  Nothing hoity-toity going on here!

The base of the bracelet is a series of string beads.  The buttons and drop beads are then sewn on as fringe, giving a very nice movement to everything.  I finally got smart and added some extra jump rings at the end (colored jump rings, to go with the buttons) which makes these bracelets more adjustable.

This adjustability was suggested by a friend whose wrists are a bit more sturdy than mine (I’ve been accused of having bird bones).  Definitely a good idea.


Goblins, Ghouls and Ghosts

IMG_2805Oh My!

A little early for the Hallowe’en season, I admit, but these have been in the back of my mind for ages.  Ages, I tell you!

The delightfully ghostly focals are not beads, but buttons!  They give these bracelets a silly zing, totally lacking in pretention.  (Hmm, sounds like I’m describing a wine, doesn’t it?).

The bracelet base is color coordinated strung beads (black / yellow, black / orange), then fringe is added using needle and thread.  I think the finished pieces are a nice combination of the two methods.  Even better, after the previous couple of necklaces, making these was fun and fast!  Who’s ready for a little Trick or Treat?

Festival Fringe

IMG_1895Hot Patterns Festival Fringe T

which is a free download courtesy of, available here. I’ve downloaded and made this top several times. It is just one of those go to types of patterns.

The centered front and back seams provide a lot of fitting options, which I have taken advantage of.  The cut-on cap sleeves make the style cool enough for warm climes, but still provide coverage if you don’t have the biceps & triceps of a Cirque de Soleil performer.

fringe_necklineSo, what did I do differently on this one?  It was simple sewing.  How simple was it?  So simple, and I didn’t even try to match the stripes.  I know.  Hard to believe my perfectionist sewing self dared do such a thing, but there you have it.

I just wanted to sew!

I didn’t want to fuss, measure, adjust or otherwise think!  Goal achieved.  Besides, the stripes are such high contrast, if anyone dares to comment on the miss-matched stripes, they are definitely standing too close!