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Felinus Furiosus



You don’t want to mess with this kitty.  Don’t let that glitter fool you, he’s a lean mean Day of the Dead purring machine!

Another paper collage cabochon beaded into…  I was going to say beaded into submission, but this necklace went together so smoothly, I couldn’t believe it.  And with that cat, there’s nothing submissive about it.

I suppose one of our past felines may have been helping me pick the colors – Otto?  Caruso?  Both were orange boys with cattitude.  Either way, the mix of matte and shiny with a pop of blue to bring out the eyes makes for one fine fellow!

Where’s My Tuna?



Crowning Glory


IMG_4086A brooch.  A pin.  A little something to dress up faded denims and what-have-you.

Collage image under a glass cabochon, peyote bezeled with seed beads, delicas and little 15°s.  Yes, I was pulling out all the stops, size-wise.

The scalloped edge is clear crystals doing a loop-de-loop.

The image in this one isn’t accented with anything; no sparkles.  I thought the musical notes in the background were enough.  If I print it again to make another, I may put a little somethin’ somethin’ on the dragonfly wings.

This brooch will remain subtle.

Sweet Skull


IMG_4081For those who’ve been reading this blog for a while, it should come as no surprise that I’m fond of Day of the Dead.  This extends to many things skull-ish.

I stumbled on this image while smurfing the web, and had to make it my own.  Flowers.  Gears.  Glitter.

The glitter is on the flowers, though it’s difficult to see.

I continued working outside my chromatic comfort zone, this time with greys and pinks.  I am not a pink person.

The image and gears are covered with a glass cabochon; the whole beaded round into a brooch; faux leather and a pin back complete the piece.  I suppose if one wanted, a person could thread the pin on a ribbon and wear it as a necklace.  That works too!

Beaux Bunny


IMG_4109It’s no secret that I have an affinity for Alice in Wonderland.  There’s just something about the surrealism of the story and the illustrations that grab me.  Has anyone seen the Alice books with drawings by Ralph Steadman?  Amazing!

When I stumbled on these images I knew something had to be done.

Similar to Fit for a Queen I decorated the image before encasing it in glass. This time using glitter pens, rather than glittered glue.

The effect us more subtle as the sparkles show more then less when the brooch is turned in the light.

The bezel is a mix of different sized beads, 8°s, 11°s, 15° and delicas.  The back is completed with faux leather.

Mr. Rabbit is checking his timepiece.  Must be going!

Skull Kings


IMG_2134and Queens

Actually not so much royal, as a Dia de los Muertos treat.  Fewer calories than a sugar skull.  More useful than a mask.

The day job has been a bit more exhaustive than usual, so I needed some instant gratification of the creative sort.  Enter this Dia de los Muertos bracelet.

It was simple.  It was fast.  Best of all, I get to keep it!  A little self-gifting in honor of our upcoming anniversary.

The bracelet is almost a kit:  pick your images / paper, pick your shape and glue the bits together.  No needle.  No thread.  How simple is that?  And I definitely needed simple.  And instant!  The most difficult part was waiting for the glue to dry.

This weekend we’re going on a Ghost Walk.  I think I’ll wear it.  Most appropriate!



IMG_1811They chitter.  They chatter.  They swish and sway about.  Another brooch with some lovely blue glass dangles.

The cabochon is another creation from Weir Glass Studio acquired at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show.

The photo doesn’t quite do the stone justice – the green in the cab is really as bright and sparkly as the fringe beads.

The edge is various shades of blue crystal while the bezel itself, which you can just see a peek of, is green and periwinkle.

Just let me


IMG_1804Catch my breath!

The Studio Tour has come and gone…and was a wonderful success.  There was opportunity to meet new people, as well as recognize some returning faces.

I think my beadwork went over rather well.  A couple of sales, and a LOT of admiring.  I started telling people they really had to pick the pieces up – what looked hard and spiky was really very fluid and soft.  Something you can’t tell just by looking.

The dinner raffle went well, with quite a number of folks visiting all  eight studios – that was the key, you have to visit each studio and have your ticket signed in order to be entered to win.  There were four $25 gift certificates, some to swanky local eateries, others to places not so off the beaten path.

Then it was on to the Memorial Weekend.  In the states this is a time to remember those in the military who have fallen in defense of our country.  This is also traditionally the start of Bar-B-Que season, and BBQ we did.

Weather cooperated by being warm and sunny.  There were steaks and veggie burgers on the grill.  GrandMeow flew in from Sandy Eggo.  A good time was has by all.

Now, that shiny little bobble in the window?  That’s another brooch, with a cabochon from Weir Studios. The stone is a very vivid, deep red with silver highlights.  I opted to keep the bright theme going by using neon pink beads to form the bezel, then accented the edge with some clear grey teardrops.  This piece makes me smile every time I see it.