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Rami Kim Perseverance


It was waaay back in the Fall of 2016 that our local sewing guild had Rami Kim, Queen of Fabric Manipulation present a workshop.

She showed us many, many different ways of folding, stitching and otherwise twisting fabric to achieve texture and depth.

The workshop project was a tote.  We were instructed to prep our fabric before-hand, cutting various pieces to size.  Rami was quite the task master.  She would demonstrate a particular technique, then we would have 45 minutes.  Or 30 minutes.  Or 15 to replicate things.

This may sound a bit stern, but it was necessary if we were to learn everything she wanted to teach us.  Goodness there was a wealth of knowledge to acquire!

Each section of the tote featured a different type of fabric manipulation.  And once the fabric was cajoled in to the appropriate shape, it could be further embellished with beads or embroidery.  I chose beads.

We learned different types of smocking, fabric pinwheels, a new take on flying geese triangles, and many, many other methods.

By the time Saturday evening rolled around, we were exhausted, educated and very happy sewists.  We all swore we would finish our totes, and have  a show-and-tote at a meeting in the future.

Perseverance was key in completing the tote.  There was considerably more hand sewing (see smocking mentioned above) than I had done in years.  All that smocking?  Yup, sewn by hand.  All those beads?  By hand again, though adding beads was my choice.  By the time it was finished my hands cried uncle and my fingers felt blistered.  Perseverance may be overrated.

The future is here!  I’ve finished my bag!


Show Towels


IMG_3359While doing laundry the other day, I realized we could use another set of holiday show towels.  That would save wear and tear on the pair that we use the most, as well as save me from having to frequently wash them.

I put a couple of existing towels into service, and with the help of holiday designs from Embroidery Library, worked up this pair.  Yes Virginia, they were even completed before Christmas!

The designs are loose enough that the towels still feel soft.  I also changed the colors.

Now, a comment about show towels.  Guest towels.  Hand towels.  Until now, I’ve never lived anywhere they were at all practical.  There was never anywhere to hang them.  They would balance precariously atop the bath towels, then fall to the floor.  Now that they have a place to hang properly, they’ve come in quite handy, even if only for wiping away paw prints.  I still think of them as show towels though…