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For the Guys


All my beading to date has been with women in mind.  But this single-gender-ness got me to thinking. What about the guys?

If you look in the beading magazines and project books, anything targeted as being for men is simple and, well, boring.  A strip of leather.  A silver clasp.  Done.  I don’t think men are quite so simplistic.

So, as another self-imposed (I was about to say self-inflicted, but these were too much fun to make to get the “inflicted” designation) design challenge, I created something I though men might wear.

These are three-prong herringbone, made with Toho 8° triangles.  Supple but not drapey.  Cord-like.  When Prince Charming saw them, they got a big thumbs up.

While not for everyone, they are for someone.


Green Apple


img_4310It’s amazing what one finds when going through the cigar boxes…

Remember waaaay back when I made a slew of zebra bracelets?  Well, this one was never finished.  It languished for years (literally years!) until being recently discovered.  Poor thing.  I think it didn’t fit the person I had in mind to gift it to, so I made a second one more appropriately sized.

Since it only needed a clasp, I decided to finish it up, and see where it went.  The clasp application is different from the originals, which I rather like.  The edges are also highlighted with apple green picot.  I must have been on a picot roll.




img_4281After all the effort (pleasurable effort, but effort none the less) that went into Salacia, I had to take a break and do something simpler.  More fun too!  With larger beads!

Revers is a reversible herringbone bracelet stitched with size 8 Toho triangles.  Toho triangles have sharper points than Miyuki triangles.

Herringbone stitch creates a flexible and slinky band which is a joy to wear.  Sensual and stylish.

There’s an option for a mostly cream bracelet with teal peeking through, or teal with cream peaks.  Your choice!

Tis the Season


IMG_3781The local shop that carries my beadwork has decorated for the holidays.  Last year I was so far behind, participating in their festivities just didn’t happen.

Not so this year!

This is one of the ornaments I made for the shop tree.  It’s a geometric take on the triangle beading I’ve done in the past.  Amazing what ideas appear as you’re about to fall asleep!

It also provides the perfect way to use large Chinese crystals.IMG_3768  I added a touch of wire work to make colored swirls and eye pins.  I think this gives a more festive appearance.

The triangles are hollow.  Being made from large delica beads (size 8), they hold their shape pretty well.

Another nice thing about these is they are mostly unbreakable.  While they are glass, it’s not the traditional fragile ornament glass; these are much sturdier.  That’s always a concern for us pet owners – broken glass around the tree.


Wedding Bells


IMG_3590I am so excited!
Today someone is being married, and they are wearing this necklace.

They requested a commission after trolling through my blog, selecting the Necco Wafer style, but in their color way.  Fabric samples were sent.  The bride is wearing a gorgeous peach satin gown with ecru lace overlay, which this necklace will compliment most appropriately.

Congratulations A, and all the best to you in your new lives together!



IMG_3570Meet Ubuntu.

She took forever to complete.  Hours and hours and hours of stitching around and around and around. Whew!  For a while I thought she’d never be finished.

For the geeks reading, this Ubuntu has no correlation to the Ubuntu operating system.  It just sounded right for a necklace made with peyote and ndebele stitches.

The beads are size 10 delicas.  The colored beads are modified peyote stitch, while the black is ndebele or herringbone stitch.  The picture doesn’t show a cross section, which is triangular, so the necklace lays flat on the wearer.

Ubuntu will be staying with me.  She just took so long to create that I can’t part with her.

Copper Connection


IMG_2792This bracelet is another exercise in moving outside my comfort zone.  In this case, that refers to the colors.  I don’t gravitate to blues very much, unless they are of the denim clothing variety.

I was also asked if I ever made jewelry that would be suitable for men.  This is my attempt at both – different colors and (possibly?  hopefully?) a more masculine feel.  I’m not sure if this bracelet is a success on those fronts or not.  What do you think?

Supply-wise, this bracelet is all over the map.  There are 6°, 8°, and 11° seeds, 11° cylinder beads, as well as some of the new tile or tila two-hole beads.  The two-hole beads are at the ends, starting and stopping.  They give a substantial feel to the clasp too, which is nice.