Jalie 968: Get Shorty

Not much to be said about these.  The weather is still warm.  I still needed shorts.  There was enough of this linen print (originally made into capris) for shorts.  I used my TNT pattern.

‘Nuff said.


Jalie 968: Shorts

As has been previously mentioned, it’s become quite warm here. Warm enough that more shorts are in order.  The current batch in the dresser have truly seen better days.  Stained.  Stretched.  Torn.  and otherwise abused.

It was time to make more.  These are from fabric acquired I-don’t-remember-where, which is apparently a store I frequently shop, because I have acquired a lot of fabric from them.  It’s mostly cotton, which makes it perfect for warm weather.

The pattern is my TNT pants from Jalie, alas long out of print.  The sewing was pretty straightforward.  I even remembered that the seams are 3/8 rather than 5/8 inch, which corresponds the width of a 4-thread overlock.

For once, I’ve finished apparel appropriate to the season, and should get a lot of wear out them.

Jalie 968: Shorts

IMG_4155It is finally cooling down here, (stop laughing!  90+ is considered warm by Sierraville standards) though for a while it was rather toasty.  Toasty and smoky, what with all the fires in Northern California.

Anyway, my increasing girth (Dessert?  Sure, I’ll take two!) created  a shortage in the shorts department.

I used my standard Jalie pattern (which I think is now out of print) to remedy the situation.  Fabric is a very well aged cotton from stash.  So well aged that it had fade stripes from sitting in the sunlight.

IMG_4157I cut the legs about 1.5 inches wider, as shorts don’t fit as close to the body as jeans do.  The other change I tried was using some leftover knit as the waistband binding.

The first try had the knit stretching as I sewed, so it was ripped.  The second try I used Wonder Tape to hold the bottom side in place, folded over the top, then stitched.  Much better!  Now it’s super soft and comfy against my skin.

I’m not sure how often I’ll use this technique, but I do like it.  The inside feels much nicer than a serged edge on the waistband.

New Look 6150: III

IMG_3601Continuing with the theme of using up the too large / too small / not quite Goldilocks fabric remnants, I present another New Look crossover top.

The fabric was originally made into a Jalie Sweetheart Tee, which I wrote about here.

There was enough left to make up a summery tank using the sleeveless version of the New Look pattern.

Having mere scraps after cutting out the main sections, I bound the armholes with a solid red knit.  It’s not obvious, but gives a little peek every so often.

There are holographic sequins on the fabric as well, making for a bit of twinkle.

Twinkle and Pop!

Sunshine in Capri

IMG_3017These will probably be the last of the capris I make between now and next summer.  I think I have enough pair that (mostly) fit to see me through Fall.  If not, well, I shall just have to do some laundry!

These are a lovely lemon yellow linen with a not-too-bright complementary paisley.  I believe the fabric is from Fabric.com  One of those items tossed in the cart to reach $35 to get free shipping.

The pattern is my standard Jalie 968, now out of print.  Pockets in front.  Pockets in back.  A girl can never have to many pocketses.

The only design changes I made were to shorten, then narrow the legs so they don’t look like marsh waders.  This fabric is much too pretty for marsh muck.


Isle of Capri

IMG_2751 The weather is warming up, and it’s time for wearing something other than jeans.  This means capris and shorts.  Since we aren’t yet into the really hot months, it was time for some capris.

This is my T-N-T Jalie pants pattern (# 968), shortened and taken in to become capris.  Yes, that’s my able-pawed assistant there in the corner, giving everything a once-over sniff.

There is really nothing unusual about making these.  I followed my standard pocket and fly zipper insertion methods.  Took the legs in a bit, and of course shortened them to just below knee length.

These capris seemed a little plain, so I decided to jazz them up a bit with some pocket and yoke embroidery.  That meant searching through the embroidery files for something suitable.

IMG_2757Bobbi Bullard, of Bullard Designs had the winner once again.  She just has a knack for embroidery designs that work well on clothes.  This design set is called “Curlies”.  It may no longer be in release, as I couldn’t find it on her web site.  One can opt for embellishing with crystals/nailheads or not.  I chose nailheads, as crystals seems a bit presumptuous for capris.

Let Summer Begin!

Jalie 2794: Trio of Ts

IMG_2547The diligent reader will recognize these T-shirts as having made a previous appearance in Sewing with Spooks.  They were tacked onto the Wall of Completed Projects.

Alas, they weren’t 100% completed.  They still needed to be hemmed, so had to wait until I got home and had access to the coverstitch machine.  I know, I could have used a twin needle, but whenever I do that, the stitching ends up tunneling.  What can I say, I’m fussy.

They are now finished, and waiting for a little warmer weather to be included in the wardrobe rotation.  I think they’ll look nice with capris and shorts.  I know they’ll be comfortable.

The fabrics are a mix of knits:  rayon, ITY and cotton.  All are about the same weight.  Differences?  The harlequin and green tops have the sleeves lined with the piping fabric.  The grey cotton has a contrasting band added instead.

They’re just a little different from the standard Ts from Targét.  A nice addition!