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Jalie 968: Genera


There is not much to say about this sew, other than with summer on the way, the jeans I’ve been wearing all winter were getting a tad tatty.  Time to sew up another pair.

Enter grey something-or-other fabric (cotton and X the unknown) from the local mill end fabric store.  A pattern that I don’t have to fit.  A Sunday afternoon with nothing scheduled.

Result:  a new pair of pants.  Yay!


Jalie 968: Basics


IMG_3665What can be better to sew than a basic pair of jeans?

Pretty much nothing, unless it’s a basic T-shirt.  Or basic something else.

And by basic, I mean a wardrobe staple that will get lots of use, using a Tried-And-True pattern that doesn’t require fitting, tweaking, muslins and the like.

That’s what this Jalie pattern (alas, now discontinued) has become for me.  It’s my go-to whenever I just want to sew, and not think too much.

There are notes scribbled all over the pattern envelope, and the actual pattern…  Let’s just say it’s been tweaked, taped and “adjusted” to account for it’s many years of use.

The fabric is (I think) from Fabric Mart or maybe it was Fabric.com.  Either way, it’s aged to perfection and long gone from inventory.  I would call it a mid-weight twill.  Not too heavy.  Not too light.  A real Goldilocks of a fabric.

IMG_3671I know, the front looks simple and plain.  It is.  The back, on the other hand, well, I couldn’t leave that unadorned, now could I?

Once again, Bobbi Bullard and her wonderful embroidery designs stepped front and center (or would that be back and center?) to provide the necessary bling.

The design set is called “Chain of Jewels”.  I would have put a link, but couldn’t find it on her web site.  I’ve had it for a while, so it may be discontinued.

I used a variegated Sulky thread for the lines, and a nice periwinkle for the jewels.  The rhinestuds are much closer in color to the periwinkle, they just don’t photograph that way.

These are sure to see a lot of wear once the weather cools down.

Ms. Green Jeans


IMG_2244As winter wears on, I find that my jeans are wearing out.  So, it was time to make up a new pair.  In keeping with the recent holiday spirit, I used a brushed green twill.  A very nice fabric courtesy of Fabric.com I have no idea if they have it any more, as it aged in stash for several months.

IMG_2247I’ve been seeing a resurgence in decorated pockets, so decided that this pair had to be on trend as well.  The back pockets and yokes are embroidered in a variegated green thread, with emerald crystals attached.  The embroidery designs are from Bobbi Bullard the self-proclaimed Queen of Bling.  She does have the best designs for jeans, I must admit.  I believe this one is Aloha, which came out a couple years back.

Besides embroidery on the back, I put a bit on the front pocket as well.  Not as all-encompassing as the back, a bit more tasteful and restrained.  Well, as tasteful and restrained as rhinestones and embroidery can be.  Not so much, eh?

The pattern is Jalie 968, which I’ve made many times.  This iteration I actually read the notes I wrote to myself on the pattern envelope (doesn’t everyone write notes to themselves of the pattern envelope?), so there were no surprises during construction.

I used scrap fabric in a black and white polka-dot for the pockets and zipper shield.  These bits don’t show, but I know they are on the inside, giving a bit of whimsy.

Jalie 968: Dark Wash


I finished these up over the weekend, and think they turned out nicely.  Like the other pairs of jeans I’ve made from this Jalie pattern, they fit well and sew up easily.

Changes I made this time around were to narrow the legs by about 2 inches.  This gives these jeans a leaner silhouette, which I liked.  Not the skinny jean, poured-into-a-sausage-casing look the papers are showing but narrow enough to be a stylistic nod to this trend.

I also did my usual routine of rummaging through the scrap bag for pocket and fly facings.  Why not have something colorful and zippy where no one can see?

The denim is actually rather thin, not a beefy, heavy sort at all.  It was stash utilization, probably from Joann’s quite some time ago.  My memory says inexpensive.

I decided to stretch my skills a little with the zipper and used Trudy, she of Hot Patterns fame, fly zipper insertion technique.  You can find that right here on YouTube .  It’s actually easier than the other method I had been using, and produces  polished results.

Of course, now that these are done, we’ve swooped away from jeans weather.  Highs are expected to be around 80 and more all week.   They may end up put away until October!

Max and Puck need a bigger basket

Jalie 968: The Grey Jeans


I’m wearing these today. And no, my sewing mojo still hasn’t returned.  I made these a couple months back.  The Grey Jeans as I call them, from my favorite jeans pattern, Jalie 968.

The fabric is a really nice, beefy denim with a slight striation in the color.  Not a poor dye job; it’s supposed to be that way!

It’s from a denim sale Ressy, The Evil Fabric Queen had.  Ressy runs a co-op on yahoo groups that caters to the fabric addict.  She gets some of the nicest stuff!

I did my usual with these, meaning the fly placket and pocket linings are from another fabric.  On denim, I find it works out better.  These is less bulk where you don’t want bulk.  Hmmm, better work on the grammar of that sentence, it doesn’t parse very well.

I had intended to make these up quickly over a weekend, but one thing led to another, and they turned into more of a project.  The backs just seemed a little bland, so I added some machine embroidery on the pockets and yoke, as well as some gunmetal rhinestuds.  Sparklies!  I likes.  The added detail promotes these from being “just” jeans to being dressy jeans.

The embroidery designs are from Bobbi, over at Bullard Designs who, by the way, is having a holiday sale right now.  50% off selected designs.  These designs fit right onto the pocket and yoke without any tweaking or re-sizing, which is even better.

Jalie 968



The jeans are done!  Here they are, modeled by Flora.  The pattern is Jalie 968, described as straight leg jeans.  Alas, the last time I checked the Jalie web site, the pattern was not listed, so it may well be out of print.  I’ve had it for years, but only recently gotten around to making it.

Jalie is a pattern company out of Canada, which specializes in a lot of athletic wear – think skating patterns, workout clothes, etc.  But, they also carry a series of regular clothing, of which this is (or was) one.  Check them out, they have some lovely styles.

Similar to Burda World of Fashion, Jalie comes all sizes in one envelope.  All sizes – from 2T, as in toddler to US 22. Sizes are again, printed on the same piece of paper, so you have to trace your lines carefully.  Like Kwik Sew, they are printed on heavy paper, so I generally trace off onto tissue.  This multi-sizing makes Jalie useful for lots of different family members.  Unlike Burda, they also have excellent instructions.

Jalie_968_b I did my usual, non-matching fabric for the pocket lining and fly placket.  In my mind, this helps both the fly area, and the pockets have less thickness.  The stretch denim I used is pretty beefy, and, well, let’s face it, no one wants extra heft around their mid section.

The fabric is from Big Box*.  It’s been washed and dried once, but the last piece of denim I got from them continued to shrink in length (go figure!) with successive washings.  I took care with these to have a larger than usual hem, so there’s room to let them out if needed.

I toyed with the idea of using an actual metal trouser zipper on these, but in the end time won out over authenticity, and I used a nylon one from stash.  These jeans got the Prince Charming seal of approval too!