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Hot Patterns: Riviera Cote d’Azur Tunic


Another Hot Patterns Cote D’Azur rendition, this time the tunic length.  The fabric is a nice soft rayon knit, which has been aging in stash for a while.  Some fabrics are like fine wine, they just need to age.  Others are more like armagnac – they need to age for ages.

The pattern is printed so the fuller bottom pieces attach midway to the top.  It took several tries, and looking (but not registering) at the drawings before I figured out that the way I had the traced pieces taped together was not how they were supposed to go.  I had the bottom back attached to the top front.  Sooo not going to work that way.

Once my taping faux pas was fixed (say that 3 times fast) everything went together nicely.

The top was sewn on the serger, and hemmed on the cover stitch.  Easy peasy.

Now, you see those sequins on the fabric.  They didn’t come off in the wash, which is what I expected.  However they did come off during ironing.  The iron had sparkles on it for ages!


Style Arc: La La Laura


The last of the pin-up fabric has finally found it’s pattern match!  Whew!

Not so much “Whew!” in construction, but more in terms of auditioning various patterns.  Trying to figure out which one would make the best use of the remaining fabric proved to be more work than I expected.

It didn’t help that I only had one full pin-up panel left!  Did I mention she was only printed down the center of the fabric?  Who wants to wear someone’s legs, with no head or torso?  Not I!

Digging through the accent knits – you know, those bits and pieces you keep because there’s no telling when they may come in handy.  Solids.  Polka dots.  Stripes.  Small prints.  Anyway, hiding down at the bottom of the bin was a black & white dot, which works perfectly.

Like the Kim Swing Top in this fabric, I added more sparkles to the girl, then some to the accent fabric.  While adding rhinestones not difficult, it was tiresome, as my able pawed assistants decided jumping to and from the table was the order of the day.

Scattered rhinestones everywhere!

Style Arc: Kaleidoscope Kim


Another quick sew, the Style Arc Kim swing top.  This one in a riotous kaleidoscope of colors.

Since I’ve made this top before, there’s were no fitting adjustments.  Sewn on the serger.  It took me longer to cut it out, since it’s cut single layer than it took to sew it.

It’s comfy.  It’s cool.  I’ll wear it with leggings.

Style Arc: Panel Laura


Another foray into sewing the “The Good Stuff”.  This is a panel print knit from Emma One Sock. I think a shipment from the Netherlands.  She gets the most beautiful fabric!

I had one panel of this to work with, and wanted to make the most of it.  There wasn’t enough for sleeves, but there was for cuffs on sleeves.  I did that instead.

The pattern is the Laura.  I modified it to remove the front and back yokes. Also made it a little wider, as these are pajamas.  Comfy jammies at that!

When everything was sewn, all that’s left is the scrap to the right.

Hot Patterns: Riviera Cote d’Azur


This is a classic from Hot Patterns, the Riviera Cote D’Azur top, tunic and dress.  Designed for drapey knits, it’s one of those go-to styles that I have finally gotten around to going to.  Dressier than a regular t-shirt.  Versatile, as you can make make it with or without sleeves, as well as different lengths.  I think the pattern has been in stash for several years.  Hot Patterns, if you’re listening – don’t discontinue this one!

The top above was my fitting muslin, and it fits quite nicely, thank you very much.  Rather than go through the whole process of tissue fitting, I just compared the paper pattern with a regular t-shirt, highlighted the appropriate sizes, and traced it off.  After adjusting for my computer-caused forward shoulders, away I went!

The sewing was straight forward.  All done on the serger, until it came time to hem on the cover stitch.  I will offer this caution – that V neck is deep.  I took it in an inch, and it is still youthful.  I was going to say revealing, but it’s not, it’s just lower than I usually wear.

The fabric is from one of the knit bundles that Fabric Mart Fabrics offered ages ago.  It’s an ITY knit.  I liked the boldness of the stripes with the impressionist flowers.  Liked it enough to use it, not enough that I would have been upset if this turned into a wadder.  I am glad it didn’t.

Style Arc: Pin-Up Kim


What can I say, I’m a sucker for unusual, novelty fabrics.  While browsing online this one caught my eye immediately!  It’s a light weight ITY knit.  The pin-up girl is printed directly down the center, surrounded with the polka-dot blobs (for want of a better description).

This unusual repeat required cutting out the Kim swing top in a single layer, which was fine, as the asymmetrical hem requires single layer cutting.  Gee, you’d think the two, pattern and fabric, were made for each other!  Perhaps they were.

The sewing was on the serger, very straight forward t-shirt construction.  What you can’t see from the photo is that Ms. Saucy Locks has red rhinestones decorating her attire.  Being the subdued person I am, I added more rhinestones, so she sparkles when she swings.

Now that the weather is warming up, the plan is to wear this with leggings and flats.  It will be the perfect top for Saturday errands.

Style Arc: Laura


So, with the retirement of the Cat’s Pajamas, I went looking for a new nightshirt.  Nothing worked.  Most of the jammies the local stores carried were just not right – the fabric was too cheap or the style was too, dare I say it, young?

Anyway, while trolling through the fabrics at Emma One Sock I came across this lovely, and knew I had found what I was looking for.

I would sew my nightshirt.

It’s a digital print from the Netherlands, with the elephant on one side, and the zebra on the other.  The fabric is a beefy cotton knit, with a touch of lycra to keep it stretchy.

One panel was just long enough to make a nightshirt – provided the binding and sleeves were cut from something else.  There is plenty of white rayon knit in the stash that would work.

Using a regular t-shirt pattern would be too form-fitting to sleep comfortably.

Style Arc’s Laura pattern then came to mind.  The pattern has a yoke front and back, but I could easily merge those pieces, which I did.  I omitted the center back seam too.  No need to have a seam up my zebra!

I am unbelievably tickled with this sleepwear solution.

Cute, comfy jammies!  Oh, did I mention I gave the goose a sparkly crown.