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McCalls: 7472


Not quite fabric scraps, the grape printed challis was barely a yard, acquired from the ASG Garage Sale back in May.  I walked past the bundles of fabric, trailing my hand along then stopped when I touched this one.  Ohhh!  Score!

It’s an old-style challis.  One of the softer more fluid ones.  The accent fabric on the sleeves and collar are also from the garage sale.  It’s a sueded challis in a bluish grey color.  The photo above doesn’t do the colors justice.  They are much more saturated in real life.

The pattern is a new one for me.  I liked the raglan sleeves so I wouldn’t have to worry about lining up a shoulder seam to my non-aligned shoulders.  I added a pleat to the back for a bit more fullness.

Otherwise there were no pattern alterations.  The sewing was very direct.  Sew seam.  Overlock seam.  Next!  I used Louise Cutting’s method for attaching the collar band.  She has a great tutorial on doing this which cuts down on bulk and insures the curves match.

Once the weather cools down, I plan on wearing this with grey leggings.


Style Arc: Kim


This is the Style Arc Kim.  It’s made from a rather nice digital ponte knit I stumbled on at the local bolt-end fabric store.

Usually their wares are more utilitarian, but not this time.

After taking measurements, I decided to dive in and make a 12 straight from the envelope – no changes or alterations.

Everything went swimmingly, until I tried it on.  Those bright yellow flowers?  Well…  They ended up being very strategically placed.  As in Stoplight Boobs.  While I am not the most well endowed person, it’s still not a part of my anatomy I felt like calling attention to.

Thankfully, there was enough fabric left to re-cut the front, this time paying more attention to pattern placement.  Ahem.  I also did a slight FBA, about a 1/2 inch.  Yes, a cut & slash FBA alteration on a pattern piece that is cut single.  The result works, but looks a bit Frankenpattern, with all the bits taped together.

The plan is to wear this with black leggings, now that the weather is warming up.

Style Arc: Another Avery


img_4342Another Avery, completed just in time to muddle about the house during the holidays.  I plan to wear this one with leggings, and probably an open cardigan over it, as it’s turned decidedly cold here of late.

Cold as in a high of 34.  Positively nippy.  But no snow!

The sleeves and yoke are a rayon/lycra knit, while the printed bottom is a woven rayon.  Given I bought the two fabrics years apart, I think the color matching is pretty good.  No zipper needed, since there’s plenty of stretch in the rayon to pull it over my head.  I skipped the hem facings on this one as well, opting for a small rolled hem instead.

Style Arc: Avery


img_4323I’ve finally discovered a style and size in leggings that I like to wear.  Not too tight, not too short.  A veritable Goldilocks size, if you will.  Of course, that meant I had to make some longer tops to go with them.

Enter the recent Style Arc sale at Amazon, and as fruits of that sale, their Avery pattern.  It’s a great mash-up of knit on top and woven on the bottom.  That makes fitting the bust and shoulder area much easier.  The lower part is woven, and meant to waft gently about the torso.  Again, not much to fit.

I used the last of a Nicole Miller knit on top, and some lovely sand-washed rayon on the bottom.  Do you know what the problem is with sand-washed rayon?  It is an absolute cat fur magnet!  And in our household, it’s always the feline who is oppositely colored to what you’re wearing that wants to be held.  We should buy stock in lint rollers, I’m tellin’ ya.

Avery comes with the option of putting an exposed zipper in the back.  Since I used a knit, there was no reason to.  There are also supposed to be wide hem facings.  Again, I omitted these in favor of a baby hem at the bottom.

I did cut the hem facings out and try them, but I seem to always have issues.  They never go in smoothly, and when they’re stitched down per instructions, they stick out like duck tails fore and aft.  Obviously I’m doing something wrong (too much interfacing?  Not enough?), but will leave that to another rendition to solve.

Avery.  Leggings.  Boots.  Oh My!



IMG_3939I’ve been on a quest for leggings.

Unfortunately the commercial patterns I tried just weren’t working.  I don’t mind tweaking, testing, then tweaking again for pants, but for leggings?

It just seemed like a waste of material.

And I got tired of the failure.

Trying to figure out what I was doing wrong (knits are supposed to be forgiving, aren’t they?) I went out the wonders of the Internet – searching for leggings, and found this wonderful site:  So Sew Easy.

Not only does she show you how to make the pattern, there’s even a formula filled spreadsheet (in inches and centimeters) that will calculate what values to use based on the amount of ease you want!  How cool is that?

Armed with tissue, pens and a straight edge away I went.  These were the very first pair, and they fit like a dream.  I can’t believe it.

I see more leggings in my future.


Vogue 8859, Again


IMG_3626Second verse, same as the first

Well, not exactly.  I opted to make one small pattern tweak: reducing the upper crotch area by 3/8 inch.  One small sewing tweak:  inserting clear lingerie elastic into the crotch curve so it wouldn’t sag and bag during wearing.

Otherwise, these are the same as the brown pair, and will be much worn.  Fabric again from Fabric.com

Vogue 8859


IMG_3620This is a Vogue pattern designed by Marcy Tilton (of the Marcy & Katherine Tilton Sewing Barn).

The pattern envelope bills them as “almost leggings” meaning not quite pants, not skin-tight either.  I was hoping for a Goldilocks style of legging.

Obviously not.

What I did get is a very nice pair of lounging pants.

The pattern has a back yoke section, which helps fit those of us with a protruding patootie.  The legs fall straight, with a slight taper to the ankles.

I tissue fit the pattern, and amazingly, it fit pretty much out of the envelope, so I decided to leap into cutting “the good stuff” right away.  Everything was sewn on the serger then hemmed on the cover stitch.

The pattern shows some stylistic tucks / gathers in the knee area, which I opted to try.  Then ripped out.  While a check of the tissue showed this feature to land at my knees, once it was executed in the knit fabric, the tucks showed up around mid-calf.  Not the most flattering of locations.  I’m not sure if this is due to the lengthwise stretch of the fabric or operator error.  Either way, I removed them.

While I was hoping for a more legging-like fit (and may use this pattern as a jumping off point to create some in the future) I am very happy with the results.

The fabric is a medium / heavyweight ponte from Fabric.com.  They have it in various colors and fiber contents.  This one feels very soft to the hand which I attribute to the 30% rayon.