Afternoon Nap

Never in my life thought I would see this, but Max has been known to surprise us.
Ghia too it seems.



IMG_3876We had our usual wintery windy day yesterday, which means a storm, or at least a weather change is coming.  We could see the storm clouds rolling over the Sierras.  Wind advisories were in effect on the mountain passes.

Last night, we went to sleep with a clear view.

This morning opening the blinds revealed this!

The wind blew so strongly the snow was stuck to the windows.  First time I’ve ever seen that happen!  I wonder, is this what it looks like from the inside of an igloo?

That’s Max in the window sill.  Sorry Max, no birds to watch just yet.

Kitty and the Quilt

IMG_3844Our version of “Princess and the Pea”
Kitty and the Quilt

Maximus decided that with all the snow outside, he was going to make himself comfy on a couple of warm, soft quilts, Hidden Treasures and Secret Garden.  It didn’t hurt that there was a lot of sunshine streaming in, which I am sure made for lovely kitty dreams:  mice, catnip, tuna juice.

Not that Max would even know what to do with a mouse, never having met one.

Catching Drips

IMG_3349Max is catching drips.  He goes to the source, catching them directly from the faucet.

According to Maximus, drips are much easier to catch than mice or birds.

It took Max 3 years to learn this trick from his brother Puck.  Of course, now that Max is sink sitting, Puck is no longer interested.



IMG_2565Last Sunday (May 11) was Mother’s Day.  Here in the US, we celebrate Mom’s of all types, persuasions and demeanor.

Max is celebrating his Grandmeow.  She asked for more jammies, and jammies she’s received.

Grandmeow also has a thing for butterflies.  She has milkweed in her yard, and the monarchs munch away in preparation for transforming from caterpillars to butterflies.

A short sleeved, cotton version of my tried and true pattern.  It will be just the thing for warmer weather.  Thankfully, Grandmeow doesn’t mind a little cat fur.

Max gives these jammies 4 paws down!