When in Doubt

IMG_3496Use them all!

All the colors of the rainbow!

So I did.  Not that there was any doubt about this bracelet, but the recipient simply would not cooperate.  When asked what her favorite color(s) were, she said she liked them all!  Imagine that!

I was left with little choice but to use them all, and everything turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.  Auditioning the colors was a hoot!  Do you have any idea how many different greens and blues there are in the bead world?  And how woefully short it is of of yellows?

While this peyote stitched pattern follows the Mermaid series of bracelets, I am not putting it into that category.  It’s special.  This is a gift for a lovely woman who’s just finished radiation treatment for cancer.  Her spirit remains bright throughout, and the cancer, so far as we know, is gone.  Yay!




IMG_2956There I was, last Tuesday, at the local Farmer’s Market, when an absolutely intoxicating scent overwhelmed me.  Ah!  I was standing next to the fresh strawberries.  Even in late August (which it was, last week) they were still ripe with sunshine and warmth.  The epitamy of Summer.

Can scents become inspiration?  Even when one is not a parfumier?  I certainly believe so, and this bracelet is a fine example of that!  The ripe red of the berries, the light pink of the centers.  A little prickly on the outside from the seeds.  Yum!

So, what mermaid would wear this? (All the dagger bracelets are in the Mermaid Series).  I have no idea, but she obviously spends time around the strawberry patch.  Fruity Mermaid?  Midsummer Mermaid?

Oil Slick

IMG_2158Her work is never done!  She’s responsible for helping out during all those oily disasters, sending mammals to the shoreline for cleaning, and heroically restoring order when is seems there is none in sight.  Day in, day out, it’s one catastrophe after another.  No wonder she’s a considered a curmudgeon by her seafaring sisters.  At least she has good taste in jewelry.  Perhaps this is the solidified remains of a long ago spill?  Anyone remember the Exxon Valdez?

Oil Slick, another in the Mermaid Series.  This one is dark and sparkly, made with size 8 seed beads in a pure grape and some very iridescent daggers.  These daggers, at 11mm in length are neither as long nor as wide as those in Old Bones, but they work equally well.

I remain surprised by this series.  They all look so formidable, yet in the hand, and on the wrist, they are supple and slinky and quite sensuous.  Looks can be deceiving, even with beadwork.

Old Bones

IMG_2156She haunts the watery deep, easing the passage of those lost at sea,
the ones who did in fact go down with the ship,
or were washed overboard.

Another bracelet in the Mermaid series.  This one looking like Old Bones.  Which is not a bad thing.  Perhaps this mermaid saved them from a worse fate?  Maybe the bones are left behind when their earthly owners no longer needed them.   Much better to adorn a Siren of the Sea than the belly of a beast, don’t you think?

Though this bracelet is very simple, simplicity, in this case, is absolutely what is called for.  The base beads are topaz with an aurora borealis finish, while the daggers are mottled cream and tan.  There is quite a bit of interplay between the opacity of the bones and the watery highlights of the seed beads, as well as movement when the daggers wave too and fro.  The whole is closed with a nice hefty slide lock clasp.

Why no daggers near the clasp?  Well, it’s ergonomics you see.  You have to be able to wrest your wrist at some point during the day, don’t you think?


Mermaid Rustica

She lives in the murky swamps, where you can’t see what’s below the surface of the still waters.  Mangrove trees growing along the edge of what may, or may not be solid land.  There are all manner of critters, some noisy, some not.  She is friendly with them all.  One of which took a fancy to her finery.

Size 6 beads, so larger than most of the other bracelets in the Mermaid Series.  A bit narrower, so the weight doesn’t overpower the wearer.  Orange and creamsicle drops provide the accent on a matte brown base.  The whole closing with an antique copper slide clasp.  Beignets anyone?

Mermaid Scales

I’m not at all sure what type of mermaid lost this bracelet.  Or maybe not a mermaid at all, but some other aquatic amphibian.  In any event, I am ever so glad she did.  I love the combination of warm dove grey with the retro mint green.  Scales which feel smooth to the touch with the grain, and quite prickly against.  There’s also a subtle bow to the whole piece, which gives even more dimension.

Composition: dove grey size 6 seed beads combined with minty fresh petal beads.  The petals are quite directional, having a true front and back, which gives the scale dimensionality.  The whole bracelet stitched in peyote and finished with a slide lock clasp.

Yellowfin Mermaid

She’s fast!  A flip of her tail and she disappears into the salty waters.  She swims with the speed demons of the ocean – yellowfin tuna.  Sleek. Fleet.  Avoiding both nets and man to keep her seaworthy seclusion.

I think she lost this bracelet while racing with her fishy friends.  Who can get to the bottom fastest, perhaps?  Either way, I must say I am glad she decided to part with her finery.

Large daggers in both a matte and shiny finish, stitched together with 8° seed beads, the whole closed with a slide lock clasp.  I like the combination of finishes on this bracelet.  They provide textural interest.