Claire Thunderpaws

Claire Thunderpaws


The end of an era has arrived.  Claire crossed over into a better place this morning.  She is the last of the original Thunderpaws Tribe.  She graced our lives for 18 wonderful years.

Muppet Nose: Claire was not the swiftest of cats.  It was our notion that Jim Henson was inside, pulling the strings that made her move…frequently he was on sabbatical.  Claire had the ability to sit, staring down any wall with great finesse.

Claire 286:  Some people think cats are from another universe, and only on Earth to observe and report back to the Mother Ship.  If so, Claire had the slowest connection of all: 286 baud.  We think she often dropped her connection, leading to her lost and slightly bemused expression.

Mademoiselle Moonbeam: Besides having the plushest of grey coats, Claire was our space cadet.  She saw things none of the other cats did.  Chasing dust motes, anyone?

Claire the Nibbler: Claire bit.  But it was never a problem.  Her nibbles were telegraphed so early, and so well, it was the humans’ fault if they didn’t move their fingers.  She had the sharpest, whitest teeth, even at the graceful age of 19.

Claire loved her catnip-stuffed mousies, and would often wander the house, meowing at the top of her voice, mouse firmly held in her jaws.  We miss you Claire.  To the end, you were sweet, gentle and kind, never any trouble or mischief.  Vale Claire.