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Green Apple


img_4310It’s amazing what one finds when going through the cigar boxes…

Remember waaaay back when I made a slew of zebra bracelets?  Well, this one was never finished.  It languished for years (literally years!) until being recently discovered.  Poor thing.  I think it didn’t fit the person I had in mind to gift it to, so I made a second one more appropriately sized.

Since it only needed a clasp, I decided to finish it up, and see where it went.  The clasp application is different from the originals, which I rather like.  The edges are also highlighted with apple green picot.  I must have been on a picot roll.





img_4281After all the effort (pleasurable effort, but effort none the less) that went into Salacia, I had to take a break and do something simpler.  More fun too!  With larger beads!

Revers is a reversible herringbone bracelet stitched with size 8 Toho triangles.  Toho triangles have sharper points than Miyuki triangles.

Herringbone stitch creates a flexible and slinky band which is a joy to wear.  Sensual and stylish.

There’s an option for a mostly cream bracelet with teal peeking through, or teal with cream peaks.  Your choice!

Copper Connection


IMG_2792This bracelet is another exercise in moving outside my comfort zone.  In this case, that refers to the colors.  I don’t gravitate to blues very much, unless they are of the denim clothing variety.

I was also asked if I ever made jewelry that would be suitable for men.  This is my attempt at both – different colors and (possibly?  hopefully?) a more masculine feel.  I’m not sure if this bracelet is a success on those fronts or not.  What do you think?

Supply-wise, this bracelet is all over the map.  There are 6°, 8°, and 11° seeds, 11° cylinder beads, as well as some of the new tile or tila two-hole beads.  The two-hole beads are at the ends, starting and stopping.  They give a substantial feel to the clasp too, which is nice.



Licorice Twist Red and Black

Another intertwined herringbone necklace.  Probably the last for a bit.  The deep maroon drops are very appealing against the matte and shiny greys.  They pick up the red shades in the matte seed beads.  The shiny strand is not a solid color either, but a mix of greys and purples, which give a bit more appeal…kind of like impasto, but thinner.

This one made 100% by me, with no help.  I have finally conquered weaving the halves into the whole, which means it’s time to move on to something new.

I think this colorway will see a lot of wear during the winter, when darker colors are more wardrobe prevalent.

Pixie Stix


always turned my tongue purple.  The colors on this necklace are much brighter than they appear in the photo.  Purple.  Teal.  Both colors that I like.

Same pattern as before – herringbone stitch with a twisty change in direction and milky crystal drops.  I still had the same problem weaving the pieces together.  At least this time, I no longer had to look at the instructions for the change in direction.  Progress!  The ability to learn is a wonderful thing.

Another happy-go-lucky summer necklace.  Something to wear with tank tops and shorts, soft skirts and a t-shirt.  Bright and cheery, don’t you think?



Jujubes around your neck

Doesn’t this necklace look good enough to eat?  I think so.  It just reminds me of light, happy summer days, when you got to leap about in the sprinkler and eat popsicles for breakfast.

Hmmm.  It’s supposed to be 109 today.  Popsicles for breakfast sounds like a pretty good idea.

The pattern is from the December 2011 issue of Bead & Button magazine.  It’s a modified herringbone which doesn’t present the usual angle when the pattern is stitched.  There’s some tricky, but fun needle work to get the direction to change once the drops are added.

It’s made as two separate pieces.  One red.  One yellow, then they’re combined into a whole necklace.  That was the most difficult part for me.  I had a terrible time getting the two halves woven together.   I kept missing either one of the overs, or one of the unders, getting a glitch – usually right in the middle.  Thankfully, Prince Charming came to the rescue, and helped me weave the pieces together.  He’s really good at things like that.

Zebra Beads


A quad of zebra-striped bracelets!

These were a lot of fun to make.  They were fairly simple to stitch up, using herringbone or Ndebele stitch.  I guess I went a little crazy, making so many different color ways.

The green and amber colored ones are larger, size 6º beads, while the pink and pippin-apple green bracelets are size 8º beads.  The one on the right is still waiting to have it’s clasp attached.  I couldn’t find an antique copper slide clasp anywhere.  Only bright copper, which did not look good at all.

Not sure what, if anything, I’ll do with these bracelets.  While I am not a pink person (my closet is declared a pink-free zone), I find I really like the pink & black one.  It fits me, and feels very slinky on – sinuous, if you will.  The apple green is definitely mine.  I fell in love with those beads the moment I saw them.  They were also a gift from my friend Jessica, while we were down in Tucson.