New Look 6150: IV

The weather is getting colder here.  27 this morning when the Princess decided she needed to go out.  We are well into fall, which means long sleeves.

This one is done just in time for the holidays!  A lovely emerald green knit with gold sequins.

I’ve made this pattern many times before, and must not be the only one who likes it, as it is still in print.  Imagine that!

Nothing unusual in the construction.  No alterations either.  Sewn on the serger and hemmed on the cover stitch.  I find that for the narrower sleeves like this, it’s easier to hem them flat, then sew up the sides.


New Look: 6150

IMG_2949There’s been more than just beading going on in the “Cauldron of Creativity”.  And really, doesn’t that sound so much better than Sewing Room or Craft Room?  Cauldron of Creativity promotes the image of ideas boiling and bubbling and roiling about.

This is one of several recently completed tops.  I realized that most of my summer fair is white or light colored, and I wanted something with a darker vibe.

This is an ITY knit from Fabric Mart, I think. Either there or  Either way, it aged in the stash and is long gone from their web site.  Besides the obvious white, black and grey there is also a muted yellow in the print.  That gives it a bit more oomph!

While most of the sewing was straight forward, New Look seemed to have borrowed a page from Burda (cryptic, assumptive) for one section.  It took a couple of tries matching markings and looking at the instruction’s picture to realize where I was 6150bsupposed to be sewing.  It’s the pleat at the neckline – in case anyone else plans on sewing this.

I made view C.  As you can tell from the pattern sketch to the right, there is quite a bit of gathering and ruching which does not show well in this print.  That’s fine by me, as I was after something comfortable with a bit more style than the generic tops that I wear during the summer.

There will be more of these made in the future, I am thinking.  The neckline is neither too high nor too low.  The side ruching isn’t saggy-baggy.  The seam up the center back allows for a wide shoulder adjustment.  What’s not to like?


Waiting. Patiently.

These lovely rayon jerseys have been waiting for me since I cut them out at the end of September.  WaitingWaiting very patiently.  I finally got my serger threaded (no large feet, Bernice the Serger and I are long time friends) this weekend, and proceeded to sew them up.

They turned out wonderfully.  The fabric, a beefy rayon knit was actually a dream to sew.  I was concerned it would be slippery, like some of the ITY knits, but it wasn’t.  No skipped stitches even when using the regular sewing machine.

These two are both from HotPatterns.  The one at the left is a their Plain & Simple T in the bateau neckline variation.  Sleeveless, of course.  I had to cut the armhole down a bit, but that was the only adjustment to leaving the sleeves off.

The purple at the right is a free download from – Fringe Festival Scarf shirt – sans scarf.  I thought it best to leave the scarf off, since these are destined for summer wear, and I am prone to dunking things like scarves into my soup.

Lastly is another rendition of New Look 6569.  No adjustments on this one, as I’ve made it several times.  The shirring in front adds just enough interest.

I used fold over elastic on both the purple and green shirts.  Originally I had planned to use a contrasting color, then decided against it.  What you can’t see in these small photos is that the elastic is stitched with variegated thread, which provides subtle interest.

I know, tank tops in November.  Not something I’ll be wearing any time soon, even here in Cactusville.  However now they are finished, and I can move on to holiday sewing.  About time too, as Christmas is coming early this year.  Or rather GrandMeow is visiting early, and she will want to open gifties.  (Grandmeow – grandmother to the cats).

New Look 6873: Repeat

While it is technically September, and traditionally time to think about fall clothes, with their dark rich colors, the truth of the matter is that it’s still over 100 here in Cactusville.  In fact, it was a lovely 109 yesterday.

So, Flora sports some new shorts.  Another pair of New Look 6873, this time in a mint green and white stripe.  The fabric is textured, but it’s not quite a seersucker.  A little thicker.

The last time I made this pattern, I fussed a bit with the waistband, getting it to fit, as Goldilocks would say, “Juuust Right”.  I migrated those changes to the pattern, but there was still some tweaking to be done.

Enter the November issue of Threads.  (And what’s with this being the beginning of September, but the magazine saying it’s for November?  What calendar are they operating on?).  I digress.

Anyway, this issue had an article about a different way of attaching linings that allows you to do alterations without completely ripping out the waist.  It works!  That’s what I used on this pair, and was able to remove a part of the seam holding down the facing, then take in the necessary 1/4 inch.  Perfecto!

New Look 6873

Flora’s New Shorts

Here we are, most of the way through summer (well, end of July) and the current crop of shorts are starting to show their wear.  It’s been several years since new ones made an appearance.

These are New Look 6873, a pattern I’ve had for a while.  These were supposed to be a muslin, but careful comparison with my pants sloper, along with some pattern tweaking, has actually made them wearable.  Woohoo!

The pattern comes with a skirt, which I will probably never make.  The long pants are a definite possibility.

These shorts are made from a homespun-type of cotton, with my usual leftovers / scraps used for the waistband facing and pocket linings.  This works nicely, as the body fabric is a somewhat loose weave, and the tighter fabric for the facing provides more stability.

The waistband is a bit wider than usual, and there is a box pleat in the front.  Different from the traditional chopped-off-jeans style.  Last thing to do – buttons!

They are loose and cool.  Just the thing when the temperatures are consistently 105 and higher.  I know they will get a lot of wear.

Europa + New Look = Outfit

Flora Fashions an Outfit

My wardrobe is almost entirely separates.  They mix and match, sometimes well, sometimes not.  Pieces wear out at different times.  This is the first time, in many years, that I can say I have an actual outfit.  A real, honest to goodness ensemble.  Pieces that are meant to be worn together.

I don’t know why, but I find myself inordinately pleased by this.  Now I just need somewhere to wear it!

New Look 6569 – Finally Finished

I stopped working on this skirt over a year ago.  In fact, I blogged about it too.  Since then, it’s sat in a stack waiting for it’s fate to be decided.  Would it ever be finished?  Would I find the patience to do all the niggling little tasks that were needed to make it work?

Well, I must say I am quite pleased to both have kept it (this skirt narrowly escaped a trip to Wadderville on several occasions), and to have finally finished it.  Yay! Yippee! Happy Dance!

There were quite a number of things I had to do, not the least of which was rip out most of what I’d already sewn.  The facings had stretched, and were not going to work as they were.

Here’s what I did to finish it:

  • Remove zipper
  • Remove skirt bottom from yoke.
  • Cut a new yoke and facing (same pattern piece) – thankfully I saved the leftover fabric.
  • Attach new yoke to skirt
  • Re-insert zipper very carefully as I’d cut off the top zipper stop, and I didn’t want to have the slider go zinging off, never to be seen again.
  • Tack facing down
  • Hem skirt
  • Hem lining

Having a sharp seam ripper was most helpful.  I’m glad I went back and finished the skirt, as I really do like the print.  It’s bright, summery and puts me in a good mood.