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Coming Up Irises


As the weather has warmed up, lanky green leaves started to appear in the iris garden.   Then it was flower stalks, tantalizing with the promise of blooms to come.  The past two weeks it’s been warm enough that the flowers have put forth their glory.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

The irises are courtesy of Grandmeow and my good friend E.  Irises apparently grow like weeds here, requiring very little care.  These blooms aren’t even hooked up to the drip line.  They just get whatever water falls from the sky.  That makes them perfect for me, as I have a black thumb when it comes to growing things.

The single windows in the background are my office.  When it’s a particularly trying day, I look out an am reminded that no matter how difficult work is, there is beauty in the world.


Crown Molding


We were at our new house last weeked, though not with the intent of doing anything with the builder.  We had a family affair, aka wedding, to attend.  It was lovely.  The bride was gorgeous and the groom handsome.  We wish them all the best.

Even though it was a very full weekend, we couldn’t resist going up to take a peek and see where things stood.  This is the crown molding in the bedroom.  It is a stepped ceiling, which gives the room a lot of height.  There will be rope lighting in the tray.  Prince Charming is thinking one of those holiday / disco ropes that changes color.  I am putting my vote in for a soft white.  One can only Bungle in the Jungle so much!

I must admit when I first thought about it, I had visions of the tray becoming a kitty race track – I can just see someone’s tail trailing all around.  Thankfully, there is no way (yet!) for them to get up there.

The periwinkle and lavender on the walls looks quite nice, don’t you think?  The room is restful but bright at the same time.  A good place for sweet dreams.

My office, on the other hand, is anything but restful.  Don’t want to fall asleep on the job!

The bulk of the room is aqua, with an accent wall in the pale green.  The colors make me happy.  Which is a good thing, given  my job can be trying and stressful at times.  But whose job isn’t, occasionally?

My work desk  will face the aqua wall and two windows. That way I can swivel around and see bright green, maybe with some sort of picture on it.  That is, when I tire of the Pine Nut Mountains and watching the storms roll in.