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Give a Hoot


I saw these little ceramic owls in the discard pile at the local bead shoppe (aren’t all bead stores a shoppe?) and knew they deserved better.  They were just laying there, asking for some passer-by to please give a hoot about them.  That was me.  Hoot!  Hoot!

They were so full of color and personality they didn’t need much to make them soar.

I pulled the primary colors of the spiral focal from the owls – bright red, mauve and baby blue.  The rest of the necklace is a lovely dove grey which compliments the brightness of the owls.  I’m not enough of a bird watcher to know if owls and doves coexist in the wild, but in beading they certainly do.


Whoo Dat?


IMG_1730Beading continues apace.  Another lucite cameo, this one of a finely feathered friend.  Isn’t her (or his) expression sweet?  Just peeking out to see what’s going on.  Any mice scampering around?

The brooch is accented with some lovely dark chocolate crystals.  I think they set it off ever so well.  Not too bright, nor too dark.  This color palette is quite the change for me.  I’ve been working in dark matchy colors for a while now.  This probably means there’s a colorful storm up ahead!