1 + 1 + 1 = Jammies

It’s no secret that I make a lot of my personal clothing, and every once in a while, something for someone else.

BUT, it’s also true that I frequent the Big Box stores, where sometimes they have things that are too good to pass up.

Such was the case for the pieces at left.  The top, courtesy of that fine french boutique Targét.  The bottoms courtesy of the charming Costco.  Cotton knit and french terry.

What’s not to like, other than the fact that grey and blue grey, however nice, are a bit boring.  While I am old (ish) I’m not yet ready to fade into the background.

Zentangle to the rescue!

Dig out that box of fabric pens.  Open the tangle books and see what catches my eye…  The most difficult part was getting the freezer paper to stick to the back of the t-shirt.  It and I just do not get along, despite ironing it on both sides!  Stick, darn you!  Stick!

I suppose I could go back and look up the names of the tangles.  I think one of them is a modified “rain”.  The rest are, well, tangles!  Leave a comment if you can identify them.

Once the drawing was done, there was just a wee bit more – sparkles!  A girl’s gotta have her sparkles.  Not too many.  A Goldilocks amount, to make it just right.  Difficult to see, but there are navy rhinestuds affixed within the designs.

Sweet Dreams!


Style Arc: Panel Laura

Another foray into sewing the “The Good Stuff”.  This is a panel print knit from Emma One Sock. I think a shipment from the Netherlands.  She gets the most beautiful fabric!

I had one panel of this to work with, and wanted to make the most of it.  There wasn’t enough for sleeves, but there was for cuffs on sleeves.  I did that instead.

The pattern is the Laura.  I modified it to remove the front and back yokes. Also made it a little wider, as these are pajamas.  Comfy jammies at that!

When everything was sewn, all that’s left is the scrap to the right.

Style Arc: Laura

So, with the retirement of the Cat’s Pajamas, I went looking for a new nightshirt.  Nothing worked.  Most of the jammies the local stores carried were just not right – the fabric was too cheap or the style was too, dare I say it, young?

Anyway, while trolling through the fabrics at Emma One Sock I came across this lovely, and knew I had found what I was looking for.

I would sew my nightshirt.

It’s a digital print from the Netherlands, with the elephant on one side, and the zebra on the other.  The fabric is a beefy cotton knit, with a touch of lycra to keep it stretchy.

One panel was just long enough to make a nightshirt – provided the binding and sleeves were cut from something else.  There is plenty of white rayon knit in the stash that would work.

Using a regular t-shirt pattern would be too form-fitting to sleep comfortably.

Style Arc’s Laura pattern then came to mind.  The pattern has a yoke front and back, but I could easily merge those pieces, which I did.  I omitted the center back seam too.  No need to have a seam up my zebra!

I am unbelievably tickled with this sleepwear solution.

Cute, comfy jammies!  Oh, did I mention I gave the goose a sparkly crown.


Cat’s Pajamas

This nightshirt was a birthday gift from a good friend ages and ages ago.

I dare say it’s probably close to 20 years old?  Maybe a bit less.  Perhaps a bit more.

Either way, it has seen it’s fair share of wear.  Worn to the point that it’s time to retire it.  Not that it will be donated to charity.

Oh no!  There are too many lovely memories attached.  It will be folded and gently stored in the wardrobe drawer reserved for “special” things – handmade socks, the dress I wore to meet Santa when I was three.  You know – those keepsakes you just have to keep.

Unfortunately retiring the Cat’s Pajamas leaves a definite gap in my pajama selection.

What to do?  What to do?  What to do?

Tangled Jammies

img_4206Not to be confused with tangoing in your jammies.  Which I am sure would be a wonderful way to start the day.

A drifting bunch of ginko leaves on a T-shirt, with a pair of lounging pants to go with.

Each leaf has a different tangle in it, with shading and a background color of bright teal.  Different sizes too, but you can see that.

So, what makes these jammies?  Once I finished the tangles, I realized the T-shirt was too thin, well, too thin for me to be wearing in public.  And I needed jammies.

The bottoms are morphed from Jalie 926, a very old pattern long out of print.  The fabric a nice ponte knit, which hasn’t yet (keep your fingers crossed) pilled in the wash!

As we start to transition to cooler weather, these should see a lot of wear.  In fact, I’m wearing them now.  What’s that?  Doesn’t everyone blog in their jammies?


IMG_3295Now that these are wending their way to the Hellboys’ Grandmeow, I can post them.

Two flannel nighties with songbirds for Mom.

These should keep her roast and toasty when the fog rolls in.

The pattern is my usual T-n-T, out of print Butterick.

‘Nuff said.

Embroidered butterflies

IMG_2567More jammies for Grandmeow.  These are still the tried and true pattern.  In fact, it’s getting a bit tattered around the edges, and I may have to see about transferring it to sturdier paper.  Yup!  One of these days!

Anyway, the fabric in these is a small cotton print.  I thought it looked a bit blah, so spiced things up with a touch of machine embroidery.

IMG_2568The design is from Embroidery Library.  A fairly recent offering, I believe.  What’s nice about it is that the stitching is not dense at all, which means it will be soft and comfy on these jammies.  I really dislike when designs stitch out like bullet-proof kevlar – nice to look at and impossible to wear.

I stitched with 2 layers of wash-away stabilizer, and did a mirror image of the design on right and left sides of the placket.  The final touch was adding some rhinestones to the flower centers and butterfly wings.

Grandmeow likes her bling.  Even when sleeping!